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I was working on some spells for 4E, converting them over from 3E and an older campaign, and I had to wonder:
The drain code for making a spell which targets more than one sense is only a touch higher than a single-sense spell. Now, if you design a spell which mutes the five senses in relation to you, I see little reason for just taking a single-sense muting spell.

IE: Invisibility and Silence are two separate spells, but for just a slightly higher drain code, you could have a spell which cloaks your scent on top of muting any sounds you make, or any chance of being seen, or tasted, or touched (read: the feel of you touching another is muted, so a punch might feel like a light tap, though the full kinetic impact is there).

if you consider it a huge problem, you could make it increase the DV by +1 per sense.
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