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Felix the Fixer: A Fixer with many pies, and even more fingers. Felix is into Shadowrunning Contacts, Chop Shops, and Smuggling (Mostly foodstuffs.). A surprising number of people know and use Felix, and his rates are very reasonable. He sells in volume, and passes the savings on to the customer, or so he claims. Only contacted by Matrix, and takes part in an online poker game at the end of every month. Uses a slightly modified Sarariman Icon, in black chrome with chromium flames that flicker, and no Corporate Logo.

"Bob" Johnson: Low-To-Mid Level Mister Johnson for a AA-Corp that focuses a fair bit on advertising. Will often try and screw 'Runners on payment, and always try to screw Joytoys. Never seems to learn, but keeps trying.

Pseudo-Psami: Mid-Lever Decker/Hacker. Had a good reputation in his home town of Ft. Worth, but just recently moved to Seattle. Doesn't like physical contact, always wears extensive amounts of clothing, and usually deals with people over the Matrix. Icon is that of a "Typical" Street Samurai with a massively oversized Ares Alpha.

Phil Tomcat: Owner of Phil's Automotives. Former chop shop mechanic until he inherited his Uncle's garage, been trying to build it up every since. Is willing to work with the Shadows to make it work. Offers discounts on "Used" parts that are probably still warm from the cars they were just stolen from.

Arnold "Arny" Strongarm: Owner of Arny's Carshop. Caters to aftermarket modifications, but also does automotive repairs. Has a brother that works for a Matrix Advertising company, and has been getting busier due to his increased advertising. Recently, word has gotten out that his mechanics love to "Fix" cars to make sure they come in for more repairs and "Tune Ups".

Mr. and Mrs. Ratt: Run the "Rat on a Stick, Ltd." corporation, which consists of a single stand in Seattle's Touristville area in the Redmond Barrens. They use farm-fresh rats of the finest calibre, for that ork-cuisine appeal. Are actually SINless, and bought some old SINs off of a few Shadowrunners that needed to get rid of them. When harassed, they blame it on data entry errors by City Officials, as they obviously don't have the physical attributes that the criminals are accused of.

"Ninja Mechanics": Shadowrunner team that specialize in discrete insertions, extractions, and automotive repair (One was a certified mechanic until his SIN was erased during Crash 2.0.). Charge based on difficulty of the run, which means they're either really cheap, or really expensive.

Jon "Money" Johnson: Semi-Retired Street Johnson, former Corporate Johnson for an unknown Megacorp (ShadowSea has a running contest to see who can find evidence to which Corporation. 1000¥ is the entrance fee, presnt your evidence to Money, and, if you're right, the Pot is yours. 10% of the Pot goes to ShadowSea to cover expenses.). Man of mystery and somewhat broken mind. Has a reputation for never screwing a 'Runner, and having come to the rescue, personally, of more than one. Very strict in the rules set out on a run, break them, no pay (Or worse.). If nothing is said, free reign ("I should have been more specific, my own fault then."). Has enough modifications to give a Street Samurai a wet dream, very few of which were optional. (Read part of his story here.)

Richard "Nas" Wellington: Elven Wheelman, former NASCAR driver from Texas. Lived in Denver and Seattle so long has lost most of his accent. Bulky for an elf due to muscle augmentation. Currently in a bit of a troublesome spot.
Hunh ... I do miss the hyper hacker girlie, the wolf pack, and the mage scientist.

Nitpick season, 'm sorry. smile.gif
Whine whine whine, it's a work in progress and you know it.
Aright, I'm quiet dead.gif (DDD is missing too).
QUOTE (hermit @ Apr 17 2008, 08:54 AM) *
Aright, I'm quiet dead.gif (DDD is missing too).

That's 'cause DDD's dead. That's what you get for dealing on someone else's patch!
"Dickie" (More commonly refered to as "Drug Dealin' Dickie", or "DDD"): Previously thought dead, but reports were premature when the Triad hit squad had to outsource the "Correction" to a team of BTL'd out Orks, who beat a bum with a cheap CommLink to death. Dickie came out of the Crime Mall with a nice Armoured Duster, and some pretty, pretty guns. A smallish, Hispanic, easily forgotten person, Dickie mostly deals out small amounts of drugs in order to keep his family fed. Recently, he's been working on expanding his operations after reading "Money's Guide to Making Money", particularily the chapter on "Burnable CommLinks and SINs" and "Pawn Shop Etiquette". Living proof that it's better to be lucky than good, and doing so by being alive in the first place.

"Speeder" (No known real name): Hyperkinetic 12-year old Hacker girl of mixed race. Speedster's Mother was a JoyGirl working the streets to pay for her BTL addiction, and her Pimp. Said Pimp decided that Speedster would make a good JoyGirl too, and was "Almost" old enough at 10-years old, so started her on a coctail of hormones to bring her to full physical maturity (In the areas that mattered to JoyToys) in less than a year. The kid, however, wised up to this and ran off, living on the streets in slightly less comfort than she had known before until rescued by a Hacker that went by the street name Sensei, who "adopted" her and trained her in Matrix Fu. As hyperactive as physically possible, Speeder is still very much a child at heart, despite the crushing oppression that has been her life. She takes runs more to challange herself than make nuyen.gif . Her icon is the generic "Girl" icon, only sped up in sync with her thought patterns.

Francis "Blood Strike" Phipps: Male, completely shaved dwarf. Currently serving life in prison for conspiracy to violate a legally binding contract, arson, and 12 counts of murder one when he burned down an orphanage as a "Distraction" during an extraction on a Renraku Office Building. Currently legally married to "Horse" Harry, the largest Troll in Hollywood Correctional in Seattle. Makes every attempt to be thrown in "The Hole" as possible. Seems to be slightly upset with "Money" Johnson for some unknown reason.

Professor Zack Tribur, Ph.D, DThau, DEd, UE: Spry 60-year old Human. Tenured professor at MIT&T (AKA: MIT&M), capable of astrally percieving, but has no other thaumaturgical powers. One of the formost experts in non-traditional magical techniques in North America. Has a security clearance with the Pentigon due to his assistance given in various supernatural manners (Chicago Containment Zone and the Supernatural portions of Crash 2.0 aftermath for instance). Spends most of his time attending the minimum amount of his classes possible, thinking up stupid things for research grants, and going to conventions (In other words, your typical tenured professor.). Is not a Shadowrunner, or in the Shadows, in any way, and fears the criminal element like a good little SINner.

Murphy: Formerly "Little Murphy" until the death of his father, "Big Murphy". Very large ork, appears to be typical Seattle Barrens Muscle. Speaks in a method that denotes a lack of intelligence, but is very well read in a surprising amount of literature. Cannot type, or even "Hunt and Peck", so uses Voice Recognition when posting online to Blogs and ShadowSea, which makes him appear quite dull, save for the amount of thought put into his comments. Carries his family's signature First Production Ares Predator, which typically backs up a Defiance T-250 Shotgun or Remington 950 Rifle. Refuses to use Automatic weaponry of any sort. Connected to Bot'Kham ("Sons of Kham"), as is a cousin of sorts, and is often affiliated or connected to "Money" Johnson, who had given him his first 'Run. Getting close to 30-years old, and is starting to train a nephew to be the next "Murphy", and inherit the family Predator.
Hard Kor: Orxploitation Metal Band with the traditional troll drummer. Music is full of anger, hatred, racism, sexism, sexuality, and numerous comments about killing police officers and security guards. Sells albums in English and Or'zet. Demands Shadowrunners run security at their gigs, and can spot a poser or fake at fifty metres, and peg them with a empty bottle of rotgut at the same range.

Bloody Street Razor: Old style punk group, two humans, an elf, and a dwarf drummer. Incoherant in interviews, with the exception of the elf, Grok Rocker, who speaks only in profanities (But fluently in over a dozen languages.). Currently serving time in Hollywood Correctional in Seattle, with their first concert due out when they're released in two months. Chances of early parole for good behavour: 0%, the lead singer, Hertzmann, spent almost his entire internment in The Hole for misbehaving, fighting, and inciting riots.

Bill Roadie: "The troll born to be a roadie", seems to work every Orxploitation group setting up equipment, has connections for pretty much any kind of drug or insane demand any group could ever ask for. Claims that Jetblack is planning a comeback.
Wall Of Lead: "Music" group that defies genra. Currently the world's loudest band. Current whereabouts unknown due to lawsuits pertaining to loss of hearing and noise complaints from Sea-Tac Airport Traffic Control Tower.
Richard the Stoner: "The most medicated man in the Sprawl". Richard is a strung out, scrawny human begger and squatter. He's usually high on some kind of narcotic. At one time, he was a hot decker with an implanted cyberdeck, until some psycotropic IC hit him, making him think that Cockroaches were trying to take over the world. When sober, which is rare, he can occasionally be convinced to "Fight against the Cockroaches" and perform some Matrix intrusions, but his hardware is getting more and more dated all the time. He usually takes payment in new programs, and drugs. Lots of drugs. Especially the drugs that keep Cockroaches away.
Sam Hartz: Former Rabbi, Landlord of various Tenement and Apartment Buildings in Tacoma and Auburn, and operator of "Sam's Surgery and Deli", the most honest Shadowclinic and Kosher Deli in Seattle.
I think I just may need to borrow some of these fine folks the next time I run a game. Think it'd be kosher for some of us other drek-heads to sound off with some of our own favourite NPCs, spread the insanity a bit?
Sure! That's what this thread is about!

Just let me know how it goes with the ones I post, SVP, and try not to kill them. Other GMs might want to use 'em as well. nyahnyah.gif

Well... Drug Dealin' Dickie, maybe... He seems to survive the unsurviveable anyhow.
Alrighty then, here's what I've got as far as irregulars goes. S'been a bit of a while since I last GM'd, but most of these frags should still be alive and kicking.

Karl 'Kronos' Ziedrich: Former Lone Star SWAT negotiator/tech specialist, or so he claims. No proof of this has been found, with the closest being a SIN and service record for one 'Sgt. Karl Olafsson', MIA, presumed KIA in a botched raid in 2062. Makes a living as a thug for hire, and as a fixer of sorts. If you need something, odds are Kronos knows someone who's got their fingers in the right pie.

Col. Kelly Smith: Former UCAS Marine out of Fort Lewis. Loud, crude, beer-swillng elf - in her eyes, the best kind of Scot. Good with damn near any weapon, as well as numerous other skills. If you need something blown up, a second opinion on your battle plans, or a t-bird for some high-threat extraction, she's your person - for the right price. Has a highly annoying habit of belting out Country music without provocation.

Keith 'Wrench' Branford: So damned short, some people mistake him for a Dwarf - something which is a bit of a boon in his profession. MIT&T-educated mechanical engineer whose identity was erased in the second Crash, now makes his living running a grey-market repair shop on the Auburn/Tacoma border. Doesn't deal in outright illegals, but has enough buisiness that he can get you about any legal or fuzzy-legality vehicle mod with relative ease, provided the proper incentive.

'Doc Brown': A positively massive troll, who always stinks of cheap whiskey. Former ER surgeon who was cut loose after he goblinized - seeing as his hands no longer fit into most patients. His skills have been slipping since then, but he's still good to patch up some gunshot wounds should the need arise. Accepts payment only in certified cred or brainbenders, seeing as most of his 'clients' are Redmond gangers.

Lt. Jill 'Johnson' Cabbie: Disavowed Lone Star operative, one of many in charge of recruiting deniable assets for black ops. Formerly confined to a wheelchair, but had a number of implants installed to renew her personal mobility. A silver-tongued negotiator who can talk her way out of just about anything.

Mao Tze Ming: Human owner/operator of Merciless Ming's Street Cuisine, in addition to being an experienced runner and adept. Previously operating out of a roadside stall, has since upgraded to an actual restaurant in Downtown's International District. Provided you make a reservation - preferably in person, with cred in hand - will turn a blind eye to all kinds of meets and deals in the back rooms of his restaurant. Once broke a troll sam's arm in three places for not paying his bill.

Thomas 'Gabbi' Gabbiani: Mafia hitman, all-around bad seed. Good for knowing where to hide and from who, plus where to get the guns in case they find you. Apart from that, lives the stereotype of 'dumb trog'.

'Hacksaw': A longtime member of Redmond's 162's, this former Elf can get you just about any body part or used 'ware you might need. Might even be able to find you a doc to stitch the stuff into you, for a price. Heavy firepower is recommended when dealing with Hacksaw, lest you become another source of spare parts.

Louie 'Louieville' Matasantai: A living wall of muscle of Italian/Japanese descent, Louie loves nothing more than cracking heads with his baseball bat - or anything else nearby that remotely resembles one. Not particularly good at anything else, if you don't count 'looking scary for pay'.

Raymond 'Fritz' Korr: A decker of sorts, indebted to the Black Rains gang of Carbonado, but available for freelance work on occasion. Can find out anything about anyone, given the time and cred. Apart from his skills online, is a decent wheelman and frontline grunt. Though he prefers secure matrix communications, for enough pay he's willing to go anywhere required in meatspace.

'Nate': Human smuggler/mechanic of Dutch ancestry. Former member of the Cutters who barely survived the near annihilation of that gang after Crash 2.0 - now runs a small mod/chop shop out of the Carbonado neighborhood of Puyallup, when he's not smuggling people or goods into/out of/around Seattle. Lost most of his left arm to a vibroblade-wielding maniac during a brawl with some Night Hunters back in the day, and now messes with them at every available opportunity. Has a veritable arsenal of firearms stashed in his chop shop, mostly for use in local defense of the neighborhood.

'Scar': Likely the most psychotic dwarf you'll ever meet, Scar amputated his lower legs with a combat knife after being pinned under the burning wreckage of what used to be his car so he could escape the scene before the Star rolled in. Has since replaced them with a number of interchangeable parts for various situations. His hobbies involve pit fighting, shooting at anything Lone Star, and cutting people. Can usually be spotted rollerblading through the Redmond Barrens with a large blade and any amount drek about to hit just behind him.

Ralph Lyons: A middle-aged DocWagon instructor, if provided the right incentive this SINner is willing to provide medical services to anyone in need. Given the right amount of cred, and time, this elf will even teach you how to fix your own hoop - hopefully so he won't have to deal with you again.

Dr. Jon Kruger: This aging troll runs a small pharmacy out of Loveland. A bonafide survivor of the Night of Rage, he can get you any kind of chems you might need - but god help you if he even thinks you might be anti-meta.
Redmond WolfPack: Small, but powerful street gang in the Redmond Barrens, very ferral in demenor, with a strange set of Street Honour. Based out of an old Pool Hall that is set up like some midevil court, complete with large hunting dogs sitting by the open fireplace. Lead by a huge man named "Harkness" who plays at being a feudal lord, complete with "Harem" of chained women at his throne. The primary War Leader is a woman that goes by the name Rish, who is rumoured to be a cannibal, and is the most often seen lieutenant outside of the gang's territory. Colours are loose brown leather vests and pants with no markings. Tag is a solid howling wolf's head (Always pointing left), surrounded by a circle.
Da Foist Bank A Tony: A Black Bank, existing in Datatrail and a server in an unknown location only. Run by an organized crime orgainzation, but has been proven to not be the Mafia ("Come on, it's just *TOO* obvious!"). "Service Charge" of 15% of every deposit at the time of deposit. Any banking deposits/withdrawl that aren't online will need to be performed at White Label ABMs which typically includes a fee of 2 nuyen.gif per transaction (Plus cost of Credstick if one needs to be provided.). Luckily, these are located at very convienent shopping establishments and every Stuffer Shack (GM's discression as to if they're actually operational, broken, working, or vandalized. Average time to use due to faulty translation software: 15 minutes. 5 minutes if speaking the native language of the ABM's manufacturer, which is mostly Chinese and Aztlan Spanish.).
"Shoeless Joe": Homeless bum that wanders between the Barrens of Seattle, without any shoes. Has a conspiracy stuck in his head about shoes being tracking devices for whatever is currently moving around his addled head. Despite his insane ramblings, his hearing is quite good, and he's often ignored. Just be sure to be ready to deal with a litany of evils about shoes. "The plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister!"
Bloody Razors: Small, but violent street gang, hang out in the Redmond Barrens. Took a bit of territory in that neighbourhood away from the Halloweeners awhile back, and are trying to hold onto it while they're distracted with issues Downtown. ShadowSea Betting Pool puts the odds of them holding onto the territory for more than a month at 578-to-1.

Underbridge and Associates: Mr. Underbridge, a Troll Snake Shaman and Lawyer, is headquartered at a Warehouse near the borders of Tacoma, Auburn, and Puyallup Barrens, where his other business (Making affordable Troll-Sized furniture) is situated. One of the few Defence Lawyers in Seattle willing to take SINless as clients. Rumours of connections to Shadowrunners and Illegal activities have never been proven.
Just Naz- Ork fixer working out of the 102nd street area of the Redmond barrens. Presently has 4 teams running . Appeared on the scene about 6 months ago and is making a name for himself. may have some connections with the "Dogs of War" a paramilitary street gang that controls a 6 square block area centering on the old George Bush memorial elementary school. a rumor hinted that he may be NuRage, the Ork rocker who disappeared a while back. but there has been no evidence to substantiate this.

Captain Angus "Beef" Hart, Retire merc and present commander of the Dogs of War. tough as nails and mostly cyber. don't expect him to offer you a shoulder to cry on.

Sandy MacQueine- Celebrity news snoop. recent expose on "cops gone bad" brought her to the attention of the upper offices and is moving up. has more skeletons in her closet than Jeffery Dahmer.

Col.Klink's surplus outlet: Proprietor Essy Newman. the colonels has a wide variety of military surplus. Jackets, BDU's, rucksacks, tents, shovels. He deals some in special items such as tag erasers, some weapons and electronics, and has contacts who can track down alot more if given a few days.

Darnell Rutledge,: Elven anthropologist and relic hunter. an expert on Catholic relics and in particular, the Holy Grail and the Arutherian mythos. Presently searching for merlin's staff, presumably a power focus of some kind that a rare text claims to have been fashioned from the true cross of the Christ.

QUOTE (kanislatrans @ Apr 25 2008, 09:03 PM) *
Just Naz- Ork fixer working out of the 102nd street area of the Redmond barrens. Presently has 4 teams running . Appeared on the scene about 6 months ago and is making a name for himself. may have some connections with the "Dogs of War" a paramilitary street gang that controls a 6 square block area centering on the old George Bush memorial elementary school. a rumor hinted that he may be NuRage, the Ork rocker who disappeared a while back. but there has been no evidence to substantiate this.

Here's some more info on the fixer Naz.
[ Spoiler ]
"Crusher" Malone: Semi-Retired Shadowmechanic, still keeps his hands in with some chop shop work. Got out of the business when his 2-year old niece was dropped into his lap, literally, during a shootout by his Shadowrunning brother. In addition to his "Side Business", he is one of the "Faculty" with the "Shadow Grade School" in the Redmond Barrens, teaching survival skills to underprivilaged SINless children.

Miss DataWyrm: "Called miss because that's all the Corps do. Miss me." Pulled out of retirement by "Crusher" Malone to teach the next generation. Used to be a decent enough Decker, specializing in UCAS and CAS Government Databases.
Places of Interest,Seattle:

Polecat Annie's: Ork strip joint. Typical low class establishment. Stale smoke, coconut oil and stale beer flavor the air and add an ambiance you'll never forget. Rooms in back for shadow meets...and other meetings. Owned by Coleman "The Club" Wilson. a prominent figure in Troll porn a few years ago.

Howie Wowies: Coffee bar franchise trying to muscle in on the Starbrucks monopoly. Is not above using runners to arrange "accidents" that discredit the competition. Is thought to be responsible for the finding of Jazz in Starbrucks Mocha double berry frappaspritzer coffee drinks recently.

GBM Base 1: old Elementary school . Base of operation for the Dogs of War. Part fortress, part community center. home to about 200 "Civvies" , the gang name for folks who help maintain the base and surrounding neighborhood . D>O>W number between 100 and 150 active trained members.

more on the way. RL keeps getting in the way spin.gif spin.gif

"One-Nut" Hernandez: The craziest UCAS Marine in history. Has had his left testicle stored for prosperity, "On the off chance I get offed", replacing it with a stainless steel ball. He kept his right testicle "to keep the boys in the field!"
QUOTE (CanRay @ May 13 2008, 07:17 PM) *
"One-Nut" Hernandez: The craziest UCAS Marine in history. Has had his left testicle stored for prosperity, "On the off chance I get offed", replacing it with a stainless steel ball. He kept his right testicle "to keep the boys in the field!"

If he ever decides to go the same route with the other one, he can adopt the new street name of "Col. Klink" biggrin.gif (Not to be confused with the establishment of hte same name posted here-in)

SR3: Present Date--> June 19, 2053

"Rico" or "Shnorky": Former UCAS SEAL (with all that entails) who while not cybered out has a few pieces to enhance his combat abilities, who was very pro-Humanis and got the surprise of his life, in early 2051 when, for no apparent reason, he metasized into an orc. Spontaneous metasizing still happens, if only very rarely, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

Within three months of the change he had also had a serious change of heart and now lives and works out of the Wilhelm Park enclave under the streets of Tacoma where he is a very active part of the "let's all just get along' crowd, although the more reminiscences he hears about the Night of Rage the more he's beginning to sympathize with the Ragers. Still, his only friend in the Shadows is a pretty boy Elven faceman and his romantic interest is with a BTL freak of a decker girl who is decidedly human, so the Ragers will never trust him as it is.

Now "Shnorky" is the beef for a up and coming Shadowteam based on the two others mentioned, himself and a semi-autistic dwarven rigger who specializes in drones and drone bots.
Martina Lowell- street name "Goldylocks"- Unicorn shaman- Not much history on this chicha, although she goes ballistic at the mention of Renraku. Last seen working with a group of runners tracking a bounty on a Wendigo. The team went into salish lands and disappeared for about six months. Martina showed up on the streets again last week sporting some nasty scars, Cyber-eyes and shiny metal ears. She's got a spooky look about her and a 1000 meter stare that is disconcerting to those who knew her before this run. The once happy bubbly shaman is all business now, and there's been conjecture that she isn't the only team member to crawl back out of the mountains and that maybe something happened up there that wasn't exactly kosher.

"Nothing happened out there,absolutely nothing,you got it? Good, now can you get me a Barrett and some APDS or not?"

wobble.gif wobble.gif
Wang Dong (Legally changed to Don Wang): A machinist from Hong Kong that had to take an "Emergency Trip" to the UCAS on a Freighter literally five steps ahead of a group of angry husbands and fathers. Emigrated, and got a job with Ares working at a firearms factory, eventually getting his Master Tool & Die and Master Gunsmith Certificates, working at Ares until just before the Crash 2.0, where he retired, with pension, and started his own gun shop, "Wang's Huge Gun", where they sell only the biggest and best made weapons in the Sprawl. When a man puts the Ares Predators under a sign marked "Holdouts", you know the heavy firepower can be had there!
Paul "The Crip" Fianachetti: Former enforcer for a Chicago Mafia family, and Veteran of the Chicago Containment Zone during the "Bug City" incident, Paul is now one of the people running Seattle's "Crime Mall", as he is seen as an "Independant Friend of Ours" by the Families. As the Crime Mall is seen as a neccessary part of all of the Underworld, he keeps it independant and neutral through a variety of means, most of them very harsh. Despite being able to walk only with pain, he is widely reguarded as being a very dangerous person, and can still break bones with the best of them.
Mike"Mumblin' Mike"Durant -Fix-it guy and inventor-Ork of Hispanic descent

"Sayin' that Mike mumbles alot is like sayin' a dragon has somewhat large Hez. Mike is always mumbling and talking to himself. Some people think that maybe its cause Mike is crazy but Mike knows its cause he's a always thinkin' and all those thoughts gotta go somewhere ,Ya Scan?"

Ok, other than referring to himself in the third person and talking to himself all the time,he's a pretty likable guy. Handy to have around too, since he can build or repair just about anything. This tech head loves to mod bikes, vans , weapons, you name it, he'll mod it. Just be very specific as to what you want cause he sometimes gets a little over zealous . like the time that Torval told him to "put the biggest fraggin gun you can find on my Viking". That Vindicator looked frosty as all drek,even if it did tear the front forks off once it got up to speed.

Mike's most famous invention is a substance called "goose grease", a mix of various lubricants,greases and who knows what else that makes any surface practically frictionless . great for losing a pursuing vehicle or splashed down a hall to drop those pesky Sec Guards.

" Mike know what your thinkin, maybe take some o' the GG home to the squeeze,make a little slap-slap. You can if ya want, but Mike has never met a chica yet that is gonna be happy with 2nd degree Chem burns down there."

wobble.gif wobble.gif
"Train Hoppin'" Harry: Last of the true Hobos, Harry moves from town to town via the railways, and the rare stowaway on a Zepplin. He has few useful skills, but has stories from all over North America, and regails them with a skill unsurpassed in these modern times. Who knows, maybe one of yours will be good enough to be recounted by him at some later date...
"Sleazy" The Free Spirit: Appears whenever people are hard up for cash, and have Good Karma banked away in the Supernatural Bank. Despite never speaking, everyone knows instinctively that he's willing to take a bit of something they're not using anyhow in exchange for cash. Lots of people are heavily suspicious of this, believing him the Devil or some such, but he still gets a good amount of Karma, giving out Credsticks, Domestic Hard Currency, or, rarely, Gold Coins. The amount given is based on the amount of Karma that he's been able to get recently, much the same way drug prices go up and down... In fact, exactly the same way drug prices go.

He appears as a humanoid form in a dirty trenchcoat with the lapels pulled up, and a wide-brimmed fedoral, pulled down so that the only part of his face that is showing is a closed, thin-lipped mouth.
Chan The Chinese Troll: Rickshaw Driver out of Chinatown. Easily able to carry a whole Shadowteam (As long as not more than one is a Troll) in his pimped-out, oversized, Kevlar-lined Rickshaw. High Speed Chases cost extra, and include a full dinner for Chan at McHugh's. Please tip appropriately.
Kyoto Kid
...Uncle Chen. Wise old Chinaman renowned in London as an importer of exotic items. Rumoured to be "influential" within the London Tongs (nothing been proven of course). Has a niece Jade who manages his London import store. Owns several secure warehouses east of the Docks. Very polite yet possesses a sharp wit and very keen insight. Usually accompanied by his number one and number two sons. Known to have associations with several members of the nobility one of whom is the UK's premiere Indie network owner (Net47), Lord Trevor Maxwell and his lovely wife Lady Linda...

Lord Trevor Maxwell is part of a bygone era, a man of integrity. While most networks and newstreams are in it for the ratings, Net47 is a flash from the past. Real news, hard news, no "infotainment". Lord Trevor's "mentors" are the great newsmen of the past, Morrow, Brinkley, Cronkite. Following in his Fathers footsteps, he has maintained a high level of excellence and professionalism in Net47 programming and has attracted and groomed a core of correspondents who are in it for reporting the real facts and not speculation or muckraking. His wife Lady Linda is active in the London Fine Arts community and the couple supports many artistic and educational concerns. Surprisingly, Trevor has cultivated and maintained a strong sponsorship base in spite of his throwback style and maverick approach to broadcast programming in the 6th world. He has ruffled many a feather of those in power including (and in particular) Lord Marchmont, with simply presenting the cold hard facts and while maintaining a high profile, appears to have few worries over his or his wife's well being.


BTW...these are 3rd ed NPCS
Whiskey Jack: A giant minotaur that runs a bar in Redmond by the name of Whiskey Jack's. A former shadowrunner and quite powerful physad, Jack keeps his old weapon focus combat axe above the bar to remind everyone around who is in charge. A lot of his power was lost after a near fatal explosion that took both of Jack's legs. His new cyber replacements are good, but when Jack gets a little in him he will talk about the good ol' days when his real legs could propel him across rooftops and over water with ease.

Equilibrium: A crazy elf mage with far too much logical power and such a high degree of OCD that there was only one possible business for him: talismongering. Equilibrium runs a shop out of Everett called Mojo To Go, dealing in oddities, antiques, mundane pseudo magical junk, and a surprisingly high number of actual magical pieces. He has a mental catelogue of everything in his shop, knows exactly where everything is, and absolutely hates it when anybody touches anything at all. His prices are good though if you are respectful of his OCD and even more so if something odd to work in as part of a trade.

Hagie (Ha-Ge) – (Stuffer Shack Owner): Middle eastern Male 45: Hagie came to the city about 25 years ago and with his life savings opened a stuffer shack in the not so nice part of town. He has been here ever sense providing service to the low class. Before starting his shop, Hagie served with a Merc unit “ Sand Sabers? and fought in the desert wars. He decided that he had had enough of conflict , married and moved to Seattle. His shop has had a number of problems over the years being in the middle of a number of gangs “Claimed territory? however Hagie earned the respect of most of the local gangs when he Trashed 3 Gang members trying to rob his store. His shack “The Sands of Time? but most people just call it “The Sands? has been neutral ground every since. Hagie has used this “Status? to his advantage and has built up a fair relationship with most of the gangs in the area.

Role Playing Notes: 5’7 150lbs Black shot cut hair, and brown eyes. Hagie is a very soft spoken person and always polite. His middle east up brining has not been lost even after years in the city and years on the battle field. Hagie Judges each person by there actions and not there race or color. Hagie was a Tunnel Rat and hand to hand expert in the Sabers and even after so many years away has not lost a step.

And my all time Fav NPC Ever... (Drum Roll Please)

“Shit-Breath Jackson? - (Fence): Italian/Black Human Male 20’s: Shit Breath is a local barrens fence that works for Fat Tony. After making a mistake that almost got him killed by Tony he was instead punished by having bioware installed to turn his saliva shit flavored. He is forbidden to remove the wares under pain of death till he redeems himself in Tony’s eyes.

Role Playing Notes: 5’10 180lbs. Dirty dreadlocks, brown eyes. Jackson is a dirty dirty man, whose breath fits how he looks. He makes no effort to hide his punishment when dealing with others. The filth that pours from his mouth is not just his breath. Even with all this he is still a well connected street fence that can get good prices for whatever you’re selling.

Ugly Stick - (Bouncer): Ork Male, 33: Hired street thug working as a bouncer at “The Dirty Kitty? a very low class strip Club (See Skank).
Role Playing Notes: 6’6, 250 lbs. , Black hair with red streaks, silver eyes. Not very bright and answers most quests in grunts or snorts. HORRID breath, and a number of large scares across his face and chest.

“Skank? - (Fixer): White Human Male, 38 : Greasy Hair, cheep suit thinks of himself as a ladies man. Always tries to be smooth but always fails. Works out of a strip club “ The Dirty Kitty ? that he Owns.
Role Playing Notes: 5’10? 150 lbs., Greasy thinning black hair and mustache, Green Eyes He is Supper of a slim build and is very unattractive. He Licks his fingers then rubs his eyebrows when he meets any hot female. He is totally motivated by creds and sex, and not always in that order. His knowledge of the underworld is well informed, even if his is not as popular with many of the main movers as he likes to think he is.

OK guys keep these posting or at least some comments would be nice...

Doing good, Ty! Keep it up!
Sue Ann Lynn - (DMV Contact): Asian Human Female, 35 : Getting older nice girl not much to look at and bit over weight. Has a thing for elves , and bondage. She is a top that wants a pretty pony boy elf to dom.
Role Playing Notes: 5’5? 180 lbs. Sue Ann is very quite, soft spoken and meek when in public, but the total pervert and demanding in the bedroom. Sometimes this will slip in public, but very rarely.

Time for some Quid pro quo...
Johnny Woo Asian male and local Yakuza boss. Owner of Johnny Woo’s Noodles and Dumplings located on Seventeenth Street. Father of one son who goblinized into a troll and seven daughters. Doesn't handle the messy side of the buisness much anymore, that is what sons are for. Makes a great soypork dumpling. Also serves real pork dumplings from the pigs that his sister's husband raises outside the city. It is rumored that the pigs are sometimes used to dispose of the bodies of the Yak's enemies. That is only rumor though.
A.W.O.L. : Mundane, human male formerly a UCAS Special Operations medic. Pacifist in beliefs and actions since his team was ordered to massacre an entire farming community of “political dissidents?. Never able to forgive himself for his actions during the “cleansing?, AWOL swore that he would never harm another metahuman even in defense of his own life. Leaving the service with his mil-spec armor and other gear minus the various GPS tracking devices, AWOL hasn’t re-entered the UCAS since but is a hunted individual none the less. The latest reward for his death or capture was 100k nuyen. He became famous for his DMSO cocktails and his compassion even for those that are trying to kill him. Many corporate guards, gangers, and opposing teams owe him their very lives.

GM notes: Human male, 5’7?, 175#, crew cut blonde hair, green cybered eyes w/ inferred, low-light, flare comp, wired reflexes II, Smartlink II, Knowledge softs (Advanced first aid, field surgery, cyberware repair, non-evasive healing techniques). Always armed with an Ares Squirt with a DMSO cocktail with various tranquilizers, antibiotics and pain medications. Also uses a MP5-TX loaded with capsule rounds of same mix or Stick and Shock rounds plus a shock club and shock gloves for armed and unarmed encounters.
Carries an advanced first aid kit and will bandage ANYONE who is hurt. He will look after his team-mates and any civilians during a fire fight and then check on the other side after the smoke clears. Will not get involved in any wet work but will hold back to aid his team if needed.

Two Trolls an a Truck Moving Company: As the name states, this is a small company consisting of two trolls, ones is a rigger with moving drones and strength augmentation, the other a PhysAd with strength mojo. They have contracts with several A and AA corps plus one AAA that they are not allowed to speak of. This not only gets them into some of the Arcs living quarters but also into some secure sites as well. Being able to lift a Eurocar by yourself does have its advantages.

The Coral Reef Gang - A fairly large but not financially well off gang with very bad internal structure. Started out in Hawaii as a surfing club, but eventually became more then that after the crash. The members sport various tats representing different coral in the area that they operate in. The leader of each section of the coral reef gang sports a small amount of ruthenium tats that are edged around the coral to make it seems like small fish are darting in and out of the reef set across their face and body, while at the same time giving the "coral" a faint shimmer. Mainly found around the Philippine Islands and Hawaii. Most are dirt poor, but try to help each other out as best they can. Many do not even carry comlinks, and the guns that they do have upon closer inspection are either rusted beyond the ability to fire, or quite outdated. The Coral Reef Gang tries to help out the community, but in the end have suffered greatly at the hands of other more forceful gangs. Their disorganization has taken a large toll and many chapters have had to turn into petty thugs. Yet a few cling to the old ways and try to restore order in their shattered and broken gang.

Bean Hucking Hobo or BHH - No one really knows much about this aging troll anymore. Some say he was once a Shadowrunner, others say he was an elite body guard. All one can truly know about him now is that he has long since fallen from grace. Yet although most of his wits seem to be gone there is some shred of sanity behind the glazed over look trying to find its way out. For some reason BHH is obsessed with beans and bean like objects. Many can hear him coming a mile off by the sound of his vest (composed entirely of threaded bean husks) jangling sporting a bandalier filled with cans of beans. Some still recount the time when three suits started hassling BHH after one of them decided to get physical against BHH things got extremely ugly and brief. Reports of the incident later speculated that a can of beans went clean through one of the suit's head and the brick wall behind him. The few people who actually witnessed it when questioned will just shutter and walk away. Some of the other bums talk about strange mutterings and short raspy sobs coming from BHH's cardboard box. Generally carries a sign that says "Repent sinners and the beans shalt show you the way p.38, v.15"
Jimmy “the Rat? Jameson: Dwarven rat shaman/fixer. Making his home in the sewers below the Redmond Barrens; the Rat rules his domain with the help of a pack of devil rats that he has enchanted to do his bidding. Handling everything from information to weapons to second hand “parts?, the Rat has his nose in many walls and his paws around many flavors of cheese. Having a near sixth sense, Jimmy can smell a trap or a cheat from two sewer lines over.

GM notes: Jimmy is small by dwarf standards, both in height and build. He closer resembles a 10 year old human child and it pisses him off when anyone mentions it. He has been known to send his entire pack of devil rats after anyone who mentions his size. As far as a fixer goes, he is as honest as a Lone Star on the take. He will usually give 25 cents on the nuyen for something that he knows he can get 90 for. But when it comes to setting up runs, he will do all he can to insure that the team is successful. He won’t get his cut if you don’t get yours.

Happy: Weaponsmith / Supplier. Happy has a thing for anything that goes boom. He particularly likes grenades. Any of his customized grenades will be painted yellow with a smiley face on two sides. If you want a grenade to go off exactly 10.27 seconds after the pin is pulled and the safety latch released, he can do that. If you want a grenade to go off two meters above the ground no matter the distance thrown, he can do that too plus anything else you can think of when it comes to grenades. He also has a knack with heavy pistols. The bigger the bullet the better the boom.

GM notes: Happy will always be wearing a smiley face t-shirt spin.gif . He owns thousands so the chances of anyone seeing him in the same one twice is very slim. He is also slightly paranoid because of his line of work. In his workshop, where he does all of his business, he has nearly two dozen automated security guns that lock onto any life form other than his. He had them slaved to a heart rate monitor implant so that if his heart rate drops suddenly or rises too high, the guns will open up full auto on everyone within the shop. This could be very bad considering the amount of explosive he has lying around in barrels and crates. Very bad indeed.
Kerrie “Fun Girl? (working) “K? (to friends) Smith - (Street Walker): White Human Female, 14: Street walker, attractive, very low class, but nice.
Role Playing Notes: 5’6 , 98 lbs. , pink hair and blue eyes (Nice rack) Only 14 but looks and acts MUCH older (18ish), flirts with everyone male or female as this is the only interaction she is used to. She is willing to do anything for a few creds, as she is supporting not only herself but her younger sister Jessie.

Jessica “Hood Rat? Smith – (Street Kid) White Human Female, 8: Raised in the Crypt, Hood is into everything. More then a handful for anyone. Her smart mouth is matched only by her quick wit. In the last few months she has started showing promise in the magical arts. However, she is still to young to tell yet if she will be awakened or not.
Role Playing Notes: 4’1, 75 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes. Very smart mouth, and very smart, she hears everything, and is always planning.
Michael Running Bull: Buffalo shaman / Smoke reader. Great-great-great-great adopted grandson of the Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux holy man Sitting Bull, Mike is a Native American that Awakened around the same time as Daniel Howling Coyote. Born January 1st 2000, he is one of several Y2K babies that awoke in 2011. Shortly before his twelfth birthday, Mike was doing his best at being a boy doing what boys can in a “re-education center? when Grandfather Buffalo came to him in his dreams. Dreams usually reserved for times when his parents weren’t “missing?. Since that time, Running Calf has tried to maintain the ties that bind his people together however he can. Whether he is actually the first “modern? AmerInd to wear traditional dress as he claims or not is of no consequence. The fact is, even being seventy hasn’t slowed him down enough to stop him leading spirit quests for any AmerInd who asks.

GM notes: Mike is a 70 year old AmerInd who can trace his lineage through his father all the way back to Sitting Bull and beyond. Still full of hair, though snow white now, the wrinkles on his face only heighten the power resonating from his eyes. Even though he may be slow to answer a question doesn’t mean he is slow of wit. He just doesn’t waste words. When and if he opens his mouth to speak, those around him shut up so not to miss the wisdom that is about to be spoken. Magically he is a Buffalo shaman who through self initiation, has risen as high as possible, (GM’s discretion to ranking). He focuses on all things Astral. Also has a weapon foci that he swears was carried by Sitting Bull himself. Though not orichalcum, the ancient tomahawk none the less is a foci of great power and will one day be passed to Running Calf’s only son.
Daddy's Little Ninja
One NPC I remember was Rufus T Firefly, as a job he was an enforcer. Hired muscle. he worked for organized crime, corps, even Lone Star.

We all assumed he was a street samurai. He moved and fought that way. turned out he was a wolf shaman with magical brickabrack to let him move like he was wired. With fists and guns he was a scarey mother-fragger. It was the best disguise against "geek the mage tactics"
Horn Dawg: Ork pimp / porn sim-sense producer. Fashioning himself after the American pimps of the last century; the 1970s to be exact, Dawg dresses himself in the loud leopard print full-length coats and matching hats. Always in company of several of his “bytches?, Dawg in never far from his gold painted and plated 1979 Caddy or the gold plated Ruger Super Warhawk. All of his girls are equipped with augmented eyes and ears and sim-sense recording gear. “What better way to record a hit movie.?

GM notes: Dawg is a normal sized ork with a flare for clothes. Equipped himself with a sim-sense recorder, eyes, and ears; he often stars in his own movies. He also has a Smartlink II and cyberspurs and knows how to use them. His girls come from every race and walk of life. Wanna take a troll on a “date?, ask for Wanda.? “How about a threesome with an elf and a dwarf? We can do that, just remember that is extra.?

Dale Leatherman: Taxidermist. For the right amount of nuyen, Dale will mount, stuff, tan or freeze dry any non-sentient creature or beast. His main gallery is located downtown near the trendy wild game restaurant ‘the Wilde’. He does his actual work out in Redmond in a very secure warehouse. All business is done through his gallery Leatherman’s Hydes, all legal business that is. If you have a Wendigo that you want mounted full body, bring it in the back gate at his warehouse along with 20k in paper or certified cred and pick out the pose you want. Satisfaction guaranteed.

GM notes: Human male, 5’6? 180#. Dale does have a SIN along with all the permits needed to run his business. Cyberware include skillsofts, dikoted hand razors (great for skinning), cyber eyes with magnification (better to see while skinning out toes and around eyes and ears). Dale has the local gang bangers paid off to leave his warehouse alone and to help keep others away. He also has a contract with the Star to have a patrol go by his facility several times day and night. Considering himself an artist rather than a hunter, Dale has basically no combat skills at all. He might use his razors in a last ditch effort to save his own skin after talking or begging fails, but never offensively. Contact wise, Dale knows a lot of influential people being a five time world champion taxidermist, and his prices show this. When a sim-sense star goes on safari, Dale’s workload goes up. Who do you think Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research hired to preserve Dunkelzahn’s body after they were done with their “research??
QUOTE (HeavyMetalYeti @ Jul 19 2008, 07:18 PM) *
Who do you think Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research hired to preserve Dunkelzahn’s body after they were done with their “research??

What body?
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jul 20 2008, 02:59 PM) *
What body?

That what I was going to say. His body that happens to be in a metaplane according to the last chat. wink.gif
Laurence Tides - This former Johnson is now on the down and outs. Laurence became so addicted to BTLs that he was actually fired from his job. Laurence has lost his house, car, everything just to feed his addiction. He is still a good face, but his only worry is where he will get his next fix. Laurence is desperate and homeless but at the same time he still has enough going for him to not be totally useless.

Notes: Laurence is used for when you want to screw over your runners. He is hired by a third source to try to get your team to do a suicide run. He is dressed in a business suit and flanked by two bodyguards carrying pistols, and both have datajacks. If the party pressures him he will begin to break down his Johnson like image. The two body guards that are with him are two of his BTL junkie friends who are getting paid a small amount of nuyen.gif to as Laurence calls it "keeping up the image." Laurence is being closely watched by the party who hired him (the ones after the party) After a while of pressuring him the party might notice that under his ears are weeks of unwashed dirt when he goes to wipe some sweat off of his brow (forgot to clean behind the ears for this meeting.) Use him as you see fit, but in the end if the party does survive the run he sends them on (generally delivering a package) he does not actually have all the money that he promised the team and begins to try to stall them or says he will pay up after the team does one more run. Go nuts with him.
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