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Full Version: 'On the Run' in Denver
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Master of Dragons
Hey everyone,

the title pretty much says it. I want to run the starting adventure 'On the Run' in Denver. Do you have any suggestions what I should change, so that it fits?

Thanks for any advice
Master of Dragons
Master of Dragons
No one? frown.gif
Well about the only changes I can think of would be to change the names of some of the areas. Locations i.e. clubs, houses, graveyards can pretty much stay the same. The most they might need is a slight change of name. When it comes to where in the city these places are located simply find an area of Denver with a corresponding feel. In the adventure , if memory serves me, there was a large concert in the Redmond Barrens. Simply transplant it to the Arvada Warrens. When it comes to the generalities of a town, one runner haven is pretty much like another. Again if memory serves me there is some interaction with gangs. In those cases unless the gang is a major one, don't bother renaming therm or anything. If they are a major one then simply decide they are a splinter of the Godz or something.

If you want some background on the events in On the Run, you might try locating a copy of One Stage Before.

Master of Dragons
Thank you!
You're welcome.
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