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Full Version: Martial Arts Maneuvers
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In my never-ending process of building PCs and NPCs, I decided to try to build a character based on Stick from the old Frank Miller Daredevil comic. Blind PhysAd with Ninjutsu and Blind Fighting and Blind Fighting (Staff). Pretty straight forward. Not creative enough to be a PC, but could be a decent mentor in a Ganger campagin (so I give him a decent Instruction skill).

But, how much do his two maneuvers cost?

The first one costs 2 build points, clearly. Now, I have read in these forums that the second one costs another 2 as long as you have another 2 full points in the appropriate skill (Ninjutsu 4 would allow 2 maneuvers @ 2 build points each, for a total cost of 8 ). But, Cannon Companion, as I read it, states the second maneuver would cost 8. Was there some errata I can't find?
Ol' Scratch
No, you only have to pay 8 points if you buy more than (Martial Art Skill/2) maneuvers. So it'll cost you a total of 4 points as long as you have Ninjutsu 4 or higher. If you have a Ninjutsu skill of 4 and want to buy a third maneuver, that one would cost you 8 points.
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