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Full Version: Trid Pirates
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Cheese Emperor
As has been the story of creation for so many topics, I came up with the idea as part of one of my characters and I wanted to get your opinion on this. He's primarily a decker, but does a good deal of electronics too. I've looked through the electronics sections and trid info from a lot of books. I'm looking to run the operation out of the back of a Bulldog Stepvan. It has 50 CF so I figure it should be a reasonable idea to be able to do it. I'm looking for a good area of coverage, but not major. 1 square km at most. Probably less. So of the following which would you deem necessary: signal amp, a signal repeater, power amplifier, portable generator(or would the power from the van be sufficient?), satellite link, satellite dish, and [insert something I missed here]?
"ShadowBeat" would probably be your best source on the subject -- failing that, talk to your GM and see what he would require.

Otherwise, what you've listed looks pretty good to this untrained eye.

Otaku On Acid
Well if you really want to see what you need I would suggest the Media Front book from Cybergeneration, it has prices, equipment, variable setups and all kinds of wonderful toys for setting up and running pirate radio and tv stations. Also a warning, I would stay away from satelitte transmissions if I where you. Sats pack so much nasty trace ICE that all your audience is going to hear is the gurling sound as you try to breath through the sucking wound in your chest.
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