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Full Version: Runners in Seattle
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Seattle has about four million inhabitants (as an official number).

There is also a high number of SINless ones out there, but i can`t find the exact number right now.

What i `m wondering is: how many runners are out there (in Seattle)?

Any one wants to suggest some numbers?
Too fraggin many else the pay would be much better.
4 Million registered inhabitants would mean
~2 Million unregistered inhabitants (estimate), of which I would guess
0.5% (10,000) Shadowrunners (Sinless)

Please note: estimates are the lowest I would guess. Actual numbers could be significantly higher.
I believe you may find this thread to be useful:
QUOTE (Drogos @ Jun 2 2008, 03:48 PM) *
Too fraggin many else the pay would be much better.

"Right up,chummer. can't walk down the street without bumping into some one in the biz. Now, I remember back in '52 the only talent available was all diamond sharp. Frag, those where times, omae! I remember the time my chummer Burley got a new gyro-mount for his panther cannon. I'll never forget the look on his face when he turned real sharp on that stairwell and that cannon took him right through the wall and three stories to the ground . Good thing he was a troll...and landed on his head.

As for how many runners in Seattle. well you gotta take into account that Seattle still has a rep as "THE" place to do biz. Drek! seems every farm boy that falls off the soywagon picks himself up and calls himself a runner. Every unwashed, snot faced punk, corporate reject , or plain old criminal shows up here eventually .

That's why I retired and started teaching. More nuyen.gif sharing my vast knowledge and wisdom and hopefully keeping a some of the FNG's alive long enough so they can come back for more of my vast knowledge and wisdom..."

*a word from Chuck "Wormwood" DeGaulle, a street mage who was pretty famous in his day. ( at least in his own mind)* wobble.gif wobble.gif
Thx Muspellsheimr, i think your numbers might work.

First i thought they`d were to high, i mean 10000 runners = 2000 runner teams (assuming 5 team members) who would have at least on run per month... sounded high on the first glimps

But then i compared these numbers to reallife crime statistics and didn`t find it shocking anymore...
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