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Full Version: Rio de Janeiro setting questions
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Eryk the Red
So, I'm starting a new campaign, which I decided shall take place in Rio. (I've researched it a bit in SR stuff, so I know it's part of Metropole now, the only city in Amazonia, and the largest sprawl in the world.) I'm looking for some more specific info that I haven't yet found.

What's the currency in Amazonia? The modern Brazilian currency is the real, but I was wondering if it's been mentioned anywhere that Amazonia adopted a different currency. I'm not going to change prices or anything, I just want to use this as flavor.

Also, what's a good Portuguese equivalent name for Mr. Johnson?
Wesley Street
Oh Shadows of Latin America... Where art thou?

Mr. Barbosa would be a good one. Sounds a little devious but is a very common surname.
Juca Bala
Well, I think that there's nothing more... "Johnson" than... well... Senhor Silva, or Senhor Oliveira, I don't know. By the way, there is no more Brasília in the canon SR history? What's happened to my city?
Wesley Street
'twas eaten by the Awakened! Nom nom nom!
Eryk the Red
Yeah, after some dragons toppled the Brazilian gov't and took over, the rainforests started growing out of control. End result: Brazil (now Amazonia) is a huge rainforest, with one gargantuan super-city that contains old Rio and old Sao Paolo. Metropole has about 200 million people in it and the sprawl's about 400 or 500 miles long. It'll make for a really cool setting, I think.
Daddy's Little Ninja
With killer jungle instead of toxic waste. Watch out for the Triffids.
You can have fun reading wy old thread about Metropole here
Blue eyes
QUOTE (Wesley Street @ Jun 5 2008, 11:32 AM) *
Oh Shadows of Latin America... Where art thou?

Indeed dont get me started frown.gif

Theres a few snippets about Amazonia on the forum and in a few books, but most of it will be up to yourself to create.... Ive had fun putting some together myself anyways, good luck!
Wesley Street
I'm too lazy to do a search but a Dumpshocker posted some sketches and drawings on the board from a proposed Amazonia/Metropole/South America project that never went through. The artist passed away recently but they'd be worth a look at for some inspiration. A post-cyberpunk motorcycle chase on a twisted highway with Christ the Redeemer looming in the distance is too awesome a visual image to never be used.
No! Don't be lazy! Find it!!!
Actually the illustrations were posted by JongWK (one of the driving forces behind SoLA) as the artist was a friend of his. The page with the links to the concept sketches can be found here.
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