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Full Version: Matrix question
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I'm just wondering how nodes work. I understand how to hack and everything, but what confuses me is how nodes work. What I mean is, for example, you're breaking into a building, is it just one node for the entire place or is it like, one node for the door, one node for the cameras, one node for another door. Like that? Just want to understand. Thanks for the help. smile.gif
Its open to your GMs interpretation.

I've run it simply by making a single building be all one node. I've also divided each floor into nodes. I've also had one node for security/surveillance, one node for office files and one node as the entry node with some little extra defense.

Point is, a node could be anything, from a single door to an entire multi-location company...just depends on what your GM wants to do and how complex/important he's wanting the matrix action to be.
Have you had a chance to listen to the audio example of a Matrix intrusion?
Also note that you can have (to the best of my understanding) nodes within nodes. This may be the most reasonable idea for some kind of corporate compound, as it's hard to imagine a corporate owned building operating without any kind of network hierarchy. Unwired will also supposedly add node classifications, which I'm betting will create some kind of structure for systems that have no business being peer-to-peer mesh, like said megacorp facility.

Oh yeah, and I'm also hoping that Unwired comes out within two weeks. nyahnyah.gif
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