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Okay so there were skeletons on mars? (I KNEW YOU COULD BEND SPACE TIME WITH MAGIC! KNEW IT!!!!) DOes anyone know who how and why? And what exactly happenes in the missions pack to suggest this?

Take my water will they? There is nothing so dispicable as waterthieves!!! jackorouto (sp?) bastards!!

Daier Mune
whats interesting is that in order for a corpse to decompose to nothing but a skeleton, it requires bacteria. i'm pretty certain that corpses wouldn't decompose on Mars, since there isn't enough of an atmosphere to support the bacteria in order to facilitate decomposition. so unless i'm completely off my mark, you'd need a decomposition spell, or the corpses would have to be skeletons already when they arived on Mars.
"So, what we found out about the Planetary Flight Spell is that there's a Gaiasphere around our planet that doesn't allow magic to work... And that you can't breathe æther. *THUD*".
QUOTE (limejello10512 @ Jun 7 2008, 02:15 AM) *

strictly speaking, iirc, that limitation is not on magic, but rather sorcery. which is a rather significant difference.
If we're going outside of SR then sorcery is killing with magic. In SR a "Sorceror" is often a 'groggy' adept.

How do you know there's no life on Mars? Dude the whole point of that pick is it shows at some point there was life and even if it's gone now-maybe not a given-there may have been bacteria atthe time to eat off the flesh from the dragons.

oh and dude, how 'bout next time including a title for your thread so we know what the flock you are talking about-hmmm. If everyone else does this and we'll have 3, 4, 5 pages of incomprehensible threads all called 're.'
Zhan Shi
I think the Missions book had adventures for the non-standard 'runner archetypes, like the Docwagon medic. One of those involved a run by Ares to discover the truth about the Mars Mission. Long story short, the 'runners end up in an old missile silo with the original mission data, plus samples of the bones and the pyramid. However, what exactly these things were was left unsaid.
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