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Full Version: SR1 - Matrix Barrier equivilent?
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I'm running an old SR1 adventure and while I can convert most the stuff pretty easy from its SR1 equivalent to SR3, I'm failing to figure out what a Matrix Barrier is, from the sounds of it, its a reactive IC or some kind of System test, since I don't have a copy of SR1 or VR1.0 my research is slow going.

The offending Matrix system is pretty easy so I'm not to worried about creating my own interpretation, but the system is as follows:

The primary node with multiple slaves attached.
The slave is and Orange 3 Barrier 3
and the other is an Orange 3 Access 3

3 because they are connected via the console cutting down the TN.

Any old timers around?
"Barrier IC is a solid security lock on a node. It resembles a wall of jagged, pulsing lightning bolts. No signal may enter the protected node unless permission is granted from outside the system. Barrier IC only guards datastores or nodes whjere no data traffic would normally occure. Barrieer is, effectively, a wall that nothing is supposed to get through. Barrier is one of the most common types of IC to activate following an active alert. Intruders cannot pass through it, but IC and corporate deckers (with proper passcodes) can.

Barrier IC can only be defeated by a slease program or by crashing it. A deception program will not work. Barrier IC triggers or declares alerts in the same manner as access IC.

Barrier IC is not mobile."

BarrierIC is White IC...Basically, it's a wall. It doesn't move, and just kinda hangs there until interacted with.

You need to either have valid passcodes, engage it in cybercombat, or 'Sleeze' past it. Sleese was like the matrix version of invisibility. It made you undetectable to IC. I'd say you could approximate this either with a Spoof command, or (maybe) Exploit. Not sure which one would approximate Sleaze better. Up to you.
QUOTE (Telion @ Jun 14 2008, 01:52 AM) *
since I don't have a copy of SR1 or VR1.0 my research is slow going.

SR2, if you can get hold of it, has matrix rules much the same as VR1. To model Barrier in SR3 you could just bump up the Access rating of the node.
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