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Full Version: Cyber-Pools
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ok, it's time again: I AM BORED AT WORK . .
my mind wandered and asked different parts of itself: has anybody ever explained to us if cyber attributes are used to calculate things like combat pool and rigging pool and the such?
and if not, has anybody ever explained to us WHY NOT?
and the parts of my brain that actually paid attention to yet another little voice in my head asking stupid questions shrugged and basically answered:"beats me!"

so . . can anybody answer me this?
I've always assumed that it does, because of the similar connection between Muscle Replacement and Reaction. In the description of the 'ware, it explicitly says that it does not improve reaction, which leads me to believe that otherwise it would have. Likewise with the pools, it works unless it says it doesn't.
i just don't really understand why muslce replacement does not add in to reaction in SR3 . . i mean . . why should it matter WHERE that +4 to Quickness comes from? O.o
Y'know, I never got it, either. It would hardly be unbalancing, even, if it did, since it's hardly an essence friendly way of bringing reaction up.
and it would bring cyber a little bit more up to par with bio again . .
but not even bio reaction counts for the rigging pool somehow O.o;,
meaning the two points of reaction you get from enhanced artwinkulation and hyper-gland would more or less be wasted in an rigger . . but if the rigger got muscle toner 4 the 4 points of quickness he gains from that help with his reaction, his NATURAL reaction and that again helps with the rigging pool somehow . .
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