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Full Version: Transform Spell Targets
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Can Transform change gender?

Can magicians target critters to transform into other critters?

Would the spell end with the target's death?

In second edition, Transform stated the target was not conscious of his previous form, third edition omits such information and makes it sound like a shapechange spell for unwilling targets. Which way is correct?

If transform is only a version of shapechange for unwilling targets, does shapechange work on unconscious targets?
Altering Gender is a GM call, I'd allow it unless I thought it would disrupt gameplay somehow.

Critters can indeed be transformed into other critters.

Yes, the target of any sustained (and even permanent) spell ends with the target's death.

Transform is not at all like 2nd Ed. It only works as Shapechange on an unwilling.


...permanent spells end with the target's death? that sets up some weird situations--any wounds that have been magically healed will reappear.
Heh, sorry, I didn't mean Permanent, I was meaning sustained spells that are made permanent (Quickens, Sustaining Foci, etc). Very poor wording on my part. Shoulda read "permanently sustained". However, I'm still looking for the reference to that. I recall reading about it when reading about Astral Projection somewhere but am having trouble finding the notation, so it may not be a Canon ruling (though I think it should be)

For Mana spells that makes sense because the target is no longer valid. I don't think that Physical spells should end when the target dies, though.
I know quickened, anchored and foci sustained spells end upon the caster's death.

Shapechange and transform happen to be physical.

How about casting shapechange on an unconscious target? For some spells, that supercedes consent (voluntary requirement.)

So even a transformed enemy retains all his knowledge and abilities, just limited by the form.
QUOTE (tisoz)
How about casting shapechange on an unconscious target? For some spells, that supercedes consent (voluntary requirement.)

How so? My understanding of the Voluntary requirement is that if the target is unaware of the spell, then they aren't voluntary. An involuntary target automatically succeeds at any resistance test against a Voluntary spell.

I would say that an unconscious target certainly qualifies as being unaware of the spell (or the rest of their surroundings, for that matter).
An unconscious target automatically attempts to resist all spells except heal/treat. It's in the book. Being unconscious does NOT make you a voluntary target.
The Cheshire Penguin
I've always ruled that whether a transformed person knows they are a transformed person or thinks they are an animal is a mechanic of the spell.
Physical manips. on targets that die are still effective because the target is still valid. dead.gif
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