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hey chummers

I was an avid player of SR2 and SR3 editions. Since my GM left to Canada I started to GM some games but my fellow players also left Venezuela or got married and we stopped playing RPG in general. That was back in 2001 frown.gif

Now I'm married also with a baby girl rotate.gif but found SR4 and I like to know how to get the filling (what to read, where in the net find it and in what order read it) of the new version since in Venezuela there is foreign exchange control (nuyen.gif = Zero ) and I cannot buy books via Amazon or FanPro sites (or anysite for that matter) eek.gif

Thanks a lot and happy running twirl.gif biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Torden_s_claw @ Jul 14 2008, 02:39 PM) *
(what to read, where in the net find it and in what order read it)

Welcome back to the best SR-edition ...

1) Buy the basic book, latest printing, download the errata
2) Buy Runner Heavens (for a campaign setting like Hong Kong)
3) Get a group and some dices. Pizza, Coke and some pens are helpful, too.
4) You will find some notable differences between previous editions and this edition: more matrix for everyone, easier rule system (which mean more GM decision), more international flavor.
5) If you like the 4th edition and if your group has chosen a campaign setting: start small, get a feeling for the rules, introduce the new matrix step by step etc
6) Buy more books, like Arsenal, Street Magic, Augmentation and Unwired, or additional campaign settings like Corporate Enclaves.

Where to buy the new edition if you cannot use amazon or other shop websites ... for that I cannot help you, sorry. has some links to webshops and additional material.

Screamin Demon
PDFs perhaps can substitute for the real thing for getting the feel of things.

My bad for mentioning a source of info. Maybe if we just ignore it it will go away? Point: I mentioned them, I don't think the above statement could be construed as advocating, but I really don't care enough about it to make a fuss.
You mentioned you're located in... Venezuela?
Um, maybe someone at CGL could give you/us a line on where you could buy?

Wesley Street
Way to promote digital piracy there, bud.
QUOTE (Dumpshock Terms of Service)
5. No posts that contain pirated materials, requests for pirated materials, or advocacy of pirating are permitted.

This is a formal warning. Steer clear of discussions involved piracy of source books or other material.
The Quick Start Rules are a free and legal download.

And nominated for awards.

And serve as a wonderful introduction, and can be used to start a game.
Runner Havens seconded. They have a writeup on Caracas that was allot of fun. I'm trying to steer my campaign there now biggrin.gif

Runner Havens might be my favorite SR suppliment since Shadowbeat. The Hong Kong stuff alone would have made the book worth double what I paid for it, and the updated treatment of Seattle and the other location snapshots are just gravy.
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