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Full Version: HELP! (cant find the relevant section anywhere)
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Was it in 3rd or in 4rth that beoynd your natural stat you needed a cyber torso for a full cyber arm ?? I cant find the relevant section in augmentation or in the Core.. help ?

Incoherent and tons of spelling errors.. I know.. but Im having a brainfart atm..
there's rules for both versions, but in SR4 you need a cybertorso if you wanna boost ANY attribute of your arm ABOVE a +3 . . but with augmentation you can get a human arm with all 6's in the attributes and NOT need a Torso to use that one and THEN up the attributes to 9 without needing a torso . . to go to STR 10 you would need a torso again . . at least, that's how i understood that particular ruling . . i ain't all that sure about NEEDING the Torso in SR3, but there was the point of the upgrades costing less essence and money with the torso . .
So I was not dreaming then.. could I get a page reference, cause Im blind atm.. =)

And dont bother about 3rd edition.. I was just bring that up to see if I had my editions mixed up or not.. =)

thanx tho for confirming my suspisions.. =)
[ Spoiler ]

and i read that as meaning you can get a human arm with all 9's across the board without needing a torso . . .
maybe there's somehwere another hint at me being wrong, it has happened before, but at least now you know
(and knowing is half the battle) where to look for your interpretation of this very issue *snickers*
Not having my main book handy, I don't have the page number. I know it's in the section on cyberlimbs in the BBB. I'm not sure how that applies to the customizeable cyberlimb rules from Arsenal though.
Geez.. ive been reading those sections but not finding torso anywhere.. brainfart ftw..

Thanks mates.. and yeah stahl it does look like you can have aug max without cyber torso.. but somehow I would like to have the arm not go above 1.5 over the stats of the body without the torso..

I mean you can have a 3 str/bod human with str 9 arm.. lifting anything that requires str 9 will put a humungus stress on the body and will probably break it.. But with say muscle augmentation on the same lvls, you agument the whole body.. not one isolated part of it..

So Im leaning towards over natural maximum you need torso for arms or the 1.5 as a houserule .. legs Im not so sure tho..
depends on how you're lifting . . the arm includes the shoulder-joint which is then attached to the torso, be the torso natural or not with strong bonds . . if you're trying to bench-press something, str9-arms would be pretty much okay . . if you're trying to lift something heavy from the ground up? yeah no, averaged str of natural and augmented body-parts . . because lifting like that is a whole body torture and not simple arm . . for punching? again, STR9 Arm . . form usual close-combat? averaged again . . for holding onto something? STR9 and able to lock your arm/hand in a certain position, so you can just grab onto the helicopter and tell your arm to stay like that and won't need to do anything to make sure you don't fall off . . no losing grip there O.o
Gotta agree with Stahlseele here. If you find them having one str 9 arm is problematic, make sure that you use their averaged strength for all limbs (head, torso, both arms, both legs), so in your case, (3+3+3+3+3+9)/6=4 for things like lifting overall.

For just a punch or whatever, go ahead and use their single limb if they state they want to attack with just that limb. (As the BBB says.)
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