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Full Version: Combat Spell Question
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Hello, new member and an inexperienced GM for an inexperienced group when we actually play. I've been working on learning the rules bit by bit and am adding them as we go. I think I've got a decent handle on the combat rules now and am trying to work out the magic rules (then after that matrix stuff).

My question is, with indirect combat do you compare the modified DV to the halved armour value to check for stun or the non halved one (modified by other means if any)?

Any help would be appreciated.
Modified Armor in case of the indirect combat spell is half impact. Modified DV of the indirect combatspell is DV + netsuccess after the victim rolled his reaction test to "avoid" the spell. So Success (Spellcasting+Magic) - Opposed Success (Reaction) + DV Spell compare to Impact Armor/2. Idon't see armor being too effective here. wink.gif
So a spell that does physical damage is rarely if ever going to be converted to stun by armour, right?
Well there is quite heavy military armor with impact ratings up to 16, those are not unlikely to reduce the damage to stun, but below that a capable mage should be able to keep things physical. wink.gif
Also, armor modifications like insulation for an ice spell, or fire resistance for fireball that add their full rating and can be quite helpful.
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