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Alright folks, we all know how Shadowrunners love their weapons, and some even give them names.

What names has your group been blessed with?
The only character of mine to have named weapons used a pair of heavily modded Rugar Thunderbolts called Enlil & Thor.
I had a doublebarrel sawed off to about 6" of barrel length named "Angus"
If they were more than 10 feet away it would just make 'em angry...within ten feet? cheeseburger.
My character called her fists Justice and Punishment.

My palyer japanese street sam has names his dikoted dyshio, rainbow falling, in Japanase.
Mr. Explodie. Although I am now on Mr. Explodie the 2nd. Thats what happens when you mix tricked out gunnery with demo in the end I guess. Everything you love ends up exploding one way or the other.
Respect and Courtesy, a pair of heavy pistols in the hands of the bouncer at a recurring night club. The bouncer was often told to show the guests out of the club with all the respect and courtesy they deserved.
My first character (a wet-worker named Scope) used a sniper rifle named 'Thanatos'
I recently noticed the Weapon Personality mod.

Just sayin'.
So a trigger happy merc with a trigger happy gun? Thats just sick thats idea for a new char smile.gif
Shoot me. Shooooot me. GOD DAMN IT SHOOT ME OR I WILL!!!!One!!!!11!!!!
Give it smartlink and mobility so when yo have to drop your weapon it still shoots for you. The fun.
SR3 Dikote Pole-Arm, STR+4D Weapon swung by STR 16 Troll . . the pole.arm got dubbed tooth-pick for some reason . .
other Troll, STR16 too, titanium bone lace . . left hand called right and right hand called left . . yeah, got confused from time to time ^^
the one time another troll actually managed to get his hands on a vindicator minigun, he named it reason . . EVERYBODY LISTENS TO REASON!
no, never did actually shoot it, but in a serious negotiation where intimidation was deemed neccessary, the sound of the gun gaining speed was enough to win ^^
the one time i played an ork, a shotunwas called boostick due to me having watched army of darkness the day before *g*
as you probably gathered by now, i usually don't name my weapons O.o
"I call it Vera."
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jul 31 2008, 12:02 AM) *
the one time another troll actually managed to get his hands on a vindicator minigun, he named it reason . . EVERYBODY LISTENS TO REASON!

Snow Crash's Reason prehapes the most ott man portable gun ever was reason. Still can't get my head round a depleted uranium firing rottery rail gun uranium never will be ferrous.
so just make it a ferrous sabot?
do i have to think of everything myself in here? *g*
Leon Sparta, the human repo man stronger than any troll, who fought with nothing but his hardliner gloves and a gigantic pair of armored boots, was usually referred to as Damage, Inc. If that counts. grinbig.gif
QUOTE (FlashbackJon @ Jul 30 2008, 05:13 PM) *
"I call it Vera."

QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jul 31 2008, 12:27 AM) *
so just make it a ferrous sabot?
do i have to think of everything myself in here? *g*

Ah but weren't they described as slivers (Cant find by book atm and the audio book I've got is hard to scan) still it was awesome somthing made me thing Raven (or someone) could Crack OSs as both the bike and raven snowed on them. Man I want to make Raven as a prime runner now "no can kill he got a nuke in his side car". My palyers would cry with him on there backs but the knives are a pain to stat his mono-glass knives. That book was made for pure coolness factor not logic.
I had a troll bouncer who had brass knuckles called tenderness ... and belive me it was full of love (sames stats as hardliner gloves)
spin.gif the name work good with a sledge hammer too! spin.gif
One of my characters (I bet you can guesse his name...):

The Knife of Intimidation
The Chain of Command

Another character:

Sense (a baseball bat, with the word carved into it)
Jack Winston?

I'm probably going to name my next characters monowhip Brent Snigley
In my current SR group, the gunbadger ("gunbunny" just doesn't convey enough menace) has a H&K XM30 that he is very fond of. He named it Vera.

We bought him a personality module for it.

Without telling him beforehand. rotfl.gif

He was so happy when Vera started talking back to him.

Kudos to David's excellent RPing of the incident. <golf clap>
My ork ganger has a combat axe named "Sweet Lovin", as in "Take some o' dat Sweet Lovin'!"
I named my three SAWs Roxanne I-III. They were loud, heavy, and greasy.

I loved those albatrosses.

I never had a shadowrun character who named his weapon, though. Weird.
buttons spin.gif
QUOTE (Aaron @ Jul 31 2008, 06:32 AM) *
I recently noticed the Weapon Personality mod.

Just sayin'.

"Dick" with the personality of Richard Marcinko. "Please show the nice policeman here the permit for your Dick."
Another fella I knew named his character's fists Logic and Reason. He would Reason at people. In the face.
We had a player who's PC carried a Panther Assault Cannon named Red Cloud. The reason should be obvious.
Wounded Ronin
Well, after watching Full Metal Jacket I thought that "Becky" would be a much better name for a M14 than "Charlene".
heh, i would love to play a adept with "ultima ratio regum" tattooed along his arm wink.gif

or maybe a mage having it tattooed across his forehead...

as for a rail gun firing uranium slivers, how about ionizing them?
Aye that might word so could a fine core of a ferrous metal. Ah Reason was such a stupid gun.
Just bond a thin layer of steel foil to the outside of the bullet.

I think RL railgun researchers are using carbon fiber sabots, because carbon is conductive in the right circumstances.

Reason is no more miraculous of an achievement than the Rat Things. Both presume an amazingly compact nuclear power system. You only have waste heat issues...

A railgun that doesn't' have rail erosion problems is actually slightly more impressive than the power issue to me.
True but it is rotary so a assume its still a problem just less of one.
Wounded Ronin
There was that scripted conversation in Max Payne where one of the goons had named his Colt Commando "Dick Justice".
And in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, we find out that Dick Justice is the Blaxploitation version of Max Payne.

"It was raining like all the Angels in Heaven decided to take a piss at once. ... When you're in the situation I'm in, you can only think in metaphores."
Never had a character that named his guns. Not even the weapon specialist, to him guns were just tools, interchangeable depending on the situation and availability.
Now it's rare that a Rigger is ever in an unnamed vehicle, they always named their vehicles. My Rigger characters are as follows.
Jimmy Leadfoot:
-Little Big Jim (a GMC Jimmy with armor, speed and power to spare, but only heavy pistols in a turret for weapons)
-The Bitch (an armored and armed Americar taxi, the everyday driving workhorse car)
-Slick (Ford Mustang Turbo, light-armored fast stealth car, with a concealed popup Ares Alpha for added punch)

Commodore Jones:
-The Hummingbirds (3 micro-spy steath rotodrones)
-Mutt (MCT rotodrone so heavily modified you almost couldn't tell what it originally was, had stats like a Strato-9)
-Fatboy(Sensor enhanced Condor LDSD-41 mini blimp, "Don't worry I got Fatboy watching him")
-Sonic (Aztech Hedgehog, never got used)
-Hellcat (speed enhanced Steel Lynx w/assult rifle, grenade launcher and rocket launcher)
-Screaming Mimi (Wandjina with a vindicator and maxed out missile payload)

Jackrabbit Slim: Had a fleet of custom modified CN Jackrabbits,
-Jackalope (fast and moderately armed)
-Pooka (stealth car, ruthenium paint and electronic deception)
-Inlay (quick, armored and armed w/assault rifle and grenade launcher)
-March Hare (an experiment in vehicular insanity, a Jackrabbit that could go 300 mph!)
-White Rabbit (the Jackrabbit version of 007's submarine-car)
QUOTE (Catsnightmare @ Aug 3 2008, 03:03 PM) *
-The Bitch (an armored and armed Americar taxi, the everyday driving workhorse car)

hmm, now that reminds me of a shooting game from the dos days, where you drove a armed hover taxi in some walled city, looking to earn the money to get out.

you could even aim a uzi out the side windows wink.gif
Kyoto Kid
...The Short One's twin Warhawks are appropriately named Butch and Sundance.

Her Tarus 6's are Cisco and Pancho

When fighting unarmed she likes to use her Thunderbolt punch (Elemental Effect: Electricity)

Her Katana...well you usually don't give another name to your soul.
QUOTE (Kyoto Kid @ Aug 3 2008, 06:07 PM) *
Her Katana...well you usually don't give another name to your soul.

"Inner Child"?
Kyoto Kid
...that would be my other character, Leela Groznek.
Ah, OK. smile.gif
Wounded Ronin
Incidentally I don't feel that weapons should be named "Bertha" anymore. That name has been over used.
I had Replica stamped on mine.
My drone rigger named all of his drones. His Dobermans, in particular, were Spike and Butch - both of which had VirtualPets installed to act like actual puppies.
QUOTE (Chrysalis @ Aug 4 2008, 08:47 PM) *
I had Replica stamped on mine.

Did that fool anyone?
QUOTE (Chrysalis @ Aug 4 2008, 12:47 PM) *
I had Replica stamped on mine.

And did your opponent have "Desert Eagle .50 AE" stamped on his?
QUOTE (CanRay @ Aug 5 2008, 12:42 AM) *
And did your opponent have "Desert Eagle .50 AE" stamped on his?

Well, our team leader was a dick, which I guess would make us his balls.
Wounded Ronin
Balls = helical magazine.
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