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Art Block is bad, m'kay? biggrin.gif

Here is:

Draco18's Kingfisher

Did my best. I have been really wanting to get into painting lately, and might take a class or two. This image is good, but, like the last one did not live up to my color expectations.
Great! Thanks. biggrin.gif
Kingfisher looks quite the tough-guy.

And painting is OMGFun©. The classes will teach you extremely tedious things, undoubtedly, but when you get to being able to make your own stuff (even if it's within certain criteria) its quite enjoyable. For example, we were asked to take a some object (or a folded piece of paper) and paint it using a single tube of colored paint (and mix with white). Here's what I did. Despite being a throw-away exercise I got something nice out of it.

This one was another exercise: take an existing piece of artwork (I chose this) and make a pallet of colors and gradients, then repaint the image, but not a reproduction: have fun with it. I took that to the extreme, here's my piece.

Another exercise, this one I had a blast doing, too bad I don't have it scanned, was to take some repeating pattern (such as lines across a page every 1/8th of an inch) and add some kind of distortion to it (such as bending and breaking the lines to put objects against a background, or painting a bunch of circles, then smearing a path through them while the paint is still wet making a neat gradient blur). I made a stereogram (Magic Eye) picture. At 12" by 12" it was rather large, so it doesn't work perfectly (it was intended to be seen at screen resolution, not print resolution, and attempting a higher resolution in the program I was using made it unintelligible entirely). I also made mistakes while painting which makes it even more difficult to view properly, but with a little work I can see the 3D shape. Took 17 hours to paint and another half-dozen or so hours tracing out all the lines (I did stark black and white, adding even a middle gray complicated the design four fold). I would do this again on a smaller scale.

The last one I'll show you has to be described the way the assignment was given. The assignment was to take 10 3" by 2" panels and assign rules to them. Rules such as "complementary colors," "trinary colors" (I think I've botch that one: Red-Green-Blue as an example: three colors evenly spaced), "a split complementary" (red + two colors either side of magenta), or things like "geometric shapes," "organic shapes," "transparency," "atmospheric perspective," "shallow depth," "deep depth," "uncertain depth," (i.e. shallow: everything in the same plane, deep: lots of planes--foreground, background, farther--and uncertain: objects appearing infront of objects in the fore, and behind objects in the rear) etc. Each rule had to be used twice (and with 5 color rules that meant that each panel had a prescribed color pattern), and there were enough rules that on average each panel had 3 rules.
Dear lord, what did I do?
The only criticism I got that I remember and would change was that many of my colors were quite saturated, especially on the left couple panels.
But man was it a blast to see if I could create a meta-picture.

Check out your local college/university (with an arts program) and look for their freshman Design classes. If you jump strait into a painting class you'll be missing the fundamentals of color theory (not that I managed to sign up for painting anyway--the class filled up before I got there).

Design 1 should be black, white, and gray in the middle, Design 2 should be a full pallet of color. Sure, a whole week painting a color wheel doesn't sound like fun, but it's good exercise. And besides, you can always find a way to twist the assignment and make it into something extraordinary! The more freedom they let you have, the more interesting your results can get; of course, the more rope the better to hang yourself too.

</derail thread>
I really like all the art you've done Squinky. I'll throw a request in the ring if you happen to have the time.

Tsukikage(Moon shadow in japanese) is a fox shapeshifter Shinto(japanese priest) magician. He is a japanese male in his late teens/early twenties, who is fairly short and has a slim, but athletic build. His most notable feature is a long, bushy fox's tail(which he maintains in human form), that is rust red in color with a white tip. His unkept shoulder-length hair is the same color as his tail, rust-red with white tips. His eyes are very dark brown in color, where you almost can't tell the difference between his iris and his pupil, which is in contrast to his skin which is unusually pale, a sign of his association with the moon god. He wears old baggy clothing, usually simple in style, old band T-shirts, jeans, and a large jacket. He wears his clothing very loose so it doesn't get in the way when he turns into his smaller fox form. He carries no visible weapons, relying on his magic to protect him(of which he mostly uses illusions).

He is equal parts brave and curious, a dangerous combination, made worse by his affection for the bottle. Perhaps the only reason he is still alive is his ability to heal his wounds near-instantly and summon the kami(spirits) of the land to aid him. He is well integrated into human society suprisingly charismatic, but people who know him for any length of time come to realize that at heart he is a fox who can turn into a human and not the other way around. When not on the run he spends most of his time tending his numerous small gardens around Seattle or communing with the spirits of local plants and animals.

Here is :

Immortal Elf's Silver

Had fun with this one smile.gif

I'm supposed to do Kyoto's here soon, but I started it a long while ago and can't find the sketch in all my mountains of art!
I'm sure I'll find it or move soon, don't hate me Kyoto!
Immortal Elf
QUOTE (Squinky @ Jan 25 2009, 09:52 PM) *

Here is :

Immortal Elf's Silver

Had fun with this one smile.gif

Wow! I'm glad you had fun with it, and it shows too wink.gif It's awesome, thank you!

She looks great, I love the detail and the background. Many, many thanks, sir smile.gif
QUOTE (Squinky @ Dec 8 2008, 12:05 AM) *
Thanks for the kind words guys! Although I am surely undeserving they are appreciated smile.gif

Wow, this has been awhile:

Kairo's Redcloud

Wow, I've been out for a while. I just saw this. Thank you very much Squinky! That's almost exactly how I pictured him. biggrin.gif
Wow, thanks guys! The feedback is always appreciated smile.gif
Here is :

Kyoto Kid's Violet

I feel pretty good with the direction I am taking with my character art, and really dug doing this one smile.gif
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (Squinky @ Jan 26 2009, 11:07 PM) *
Here is :

Kyoto Kid's Violet

I feel pretty good with the direction I am taking with my character art, and really dug doing this one smile.gif

.... cool.gif notworthy.gif cool.gif notworthy.gif

...Wow! I absolutely love it! Just read through The Complete Wreck (the entire 13 book collection) during the holidays to better develop her personality for the campaign I'm in. You hit the feeling I'm looking for spot on and gave me some wonderful ideas that will make my GM shake his head.

...ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou... biggrin.gif
I love helping to make GM's heads shake smile.gif

Glad you dig it!
Kyoto Kid
...yeah the clockwork robot is definitely going to be the icon for her agents.
Awesome, I thought that guy was cool smile.gif
Awesome stuff. smile.gif
Okay, here is :

TheOOB's Tsukikage

I have been working on the movie poster for Hyz for a week or so, and I got some prelims on the other one going. Been a lil busy, sorry for not getting more done here guys smile.gif
Thank for very much, It looks amazing.
Here is:

Hyzmarca's Dino-cop
Haha, that's awesome Squinky!
Thanks guys!
I didn't know what to make of it at first, but over time it's grown on me.
Good to hear, I struggled over it for awhile, and kinda figured I didn't match with your mental vision. Glad that it was somewhat okay smile.gif

Keep throwing your unique ideas at me though, eventually we'll come up with something good smile.gif
The Burger Spirit was already awesome, as was the Terracotta Accountant. It is hard to get better than those two.

But, okay, I'll keep throwing. This time, I'll give you a broad selection. Don't worry about doing all of them; just pick whichever idea you like and roll with it.

Troll Santa Claus,
standing on the nose of a jetfighter (in mid air), the claymore in his hand is driven through the hostile fighter's cockpit and impales it's pilot, and the reindeer-powered flying sleigh he leaped from is visible in the background.

Dragon Horatio Caine.
Horatio Caine from CSI Miami as an Adult Western Dragon, at a crime scene, making a pun. Sunglasses, badge, and gun are required. Won't Get Fooled Again is optional.

HBT-1 Turtle Tank.
A drone tank. The tank is flat on top, not possessing a turret. It's guns are all mounted in front. The treads, rather than being under the main body, are mounted to the sides so that the tank has the lowest possible profile and center of gravity, in addition to a wide base. These tanks are designed with ramps on the treads so that one tank can roll up on top of another. When this occurs, they lock together. This links their batteries and their engines, as well as their firepower, though the actual tactical advantage of doing so is usually minimal or non-existant. An hypothetically, unlimited number of Turtle Tank can stack themselves this way, but as the stack becomes larger it becomes less stable, more difficult to move, and a more obvious target.

HBT stands for Hitler's Brain's Tank. This is a custom vehicle for brain-in-a-jar Cyborg Hitler, intended for the sole purpose of stylishly recreating the events of the Dr. Seuss story Yertle the Turtle. With machine guns and explosions, sort of like what would happen if it were adapted by Michael Bay.

Head Explody Sex Scene
The sex scene implied in Little Lost Robot. A heavily cybered character of indeterminable gender and metatype ( I choose not to mention gender for artistic reasons and I'd like to keep it that way) straddles a man. The straddling character's face is in the process of exploding, and face-shrapnel is tearing though the man's vital organs.

Dean Stockwell (of Quantum Leap and Battlestar Galactica) with giant flying missile-laden heavily-chromed power armor cybernetically grafted to him, hence forth referred to as "Giant Flying Cyborg Death Armor".
I'm thinking vaguely humanoid with huge rocket engines, many sharp-protruding wing-like surfaces all covered with fully loaded nuclear missile pods, and Dean Stockwell's head just barely visible, sticking out of the monstrosity's torso where it's neck would be if it were fully humanoid.
Essentially, a little bit of this (this) and a little bit of this (this) mixed with some of this, a good bit of this, a lot of this and as much as this as is humanly possible.With sharp menacing edges. And a cigar.

And yes, I will be extremely disappointed when the finale of BSG doesn't feature any Giant Flying Cyborg Death Armor.
Kyoto Kid
...hey guys, I'm back. I feel like I've been pixilated, morphed, textured, and rendered far too many times. Need to satisfy my "real art" tooth again.

Cool pics there.

Looks like Hyz is giving you a couple interesting challenges.

BTW remember the Grande Family Portrait idea I submitted a while back? I think it is in the original thread or I maybe PMd it. Not sure.
How good are you with items? I have a request for an arming sword to be drawn. Its a weapon focus for a Catholic adept. Its vibro-blade with a presonlised grip and charmelion coating as well. I want a flat cross guard in a way imitating a cross. Its charmilion abilities means that while it may have fancy iconography on it some of them time when on display or at a meet I can also look plane. This is a nice if semi-unneeded drawing of a basic blade type. Here is a nice pic of a fancy looking hilt for some inspiration. This of the Knight Templar and medieval religious art for the kind of patters and symbols on the blade and pommel. Its introduce to my game in this post. Have some fun with it. PM me if you want any more info as i can give more but it relates to my games overal polt so ill have to send it by PM.
Jame J
Oh yeah, you did one for him already. Never mind!
Okie,heres a request if you got time. "Hardliner",hes a large fomori troll/ghoul. He's got cybereyes (Black with a white skull for the pupil). He wears a hoodie to help disguise his white skin and heavy gloves with the ends cut off so he can use his claws if necessary. He wears combat boots,milatary style pants and armored jacket. He likes big weapons.
Orcus Blackweather
I met an artist at Gen Con who created a sketch for a Chinese orc technomancer. I am thinking of another character for the campaign I am playing in China. I would like a Chinese Elf Magician. I have not named him yet. He is a shaman of seductress. He tends to wear flamboyant (pimpesque) clothing. He has a necklace power focus in the shape of the two gender symbols (Venus and Mars).
I would like to humbly request a drawing of my party.

First is Pebbles: a 6'3" male human, mid 20's, dark skin (stereo-typical black man), bald, attractive. He wears a flight suit done up with med-evac insignia. He wields a fichetti security 600 with a switch-blade in the handle protruding downward.
Second is Boom: a male dwarf, about 4'1" old (65ish). He has a gauss rifle, full body armor, well dinged up (sans helmet) and a huge beard.
Third is Gwen: a female native american elf 5'8". mid 20's, dark skinned, also a mystic adept who shapechanges into a tiger.
Last is Cred: a female Welsh Ork, 5'8". Also older (50) ripped and cybered out. Titanium bone-lacing, wired reflexes, cyber-eyes (bright green), muscle augmentation, and cyber-ears. She wields a medieval-style double bladed axe and wears golf clothes (complete with the pom pom hat).
Been gone too long:

Gonzomike's Hardliner
And here is:

Hyzmarca's Santa Troll
Nice reference to Edvard Munch in the Santa Troll picture.
Kyoto Kid
...just stopping by to check things out and say hiya. Love the Santa Troll.

Yeah been a while. As I mentioned on the 3D thread, had fatal HD crash that took all my 3D work with it. Back up and running and looking to recover what I can from the old drive.

Posted a link to one of the last works I did before my system flatlined over on the 3D thread. Yeah, another Leela one. What can I say, the kid is just too cute. (is there room for cute in the SR universe?) grinbig.gif
I've got a character for you.

His name is ShadowFox/Michael Mercier. He's a well connected Ares employee that has an extensive background in Knight Errant and was on the Firewatch team in Seattle, hes an accomplished art thief so i can imagine him standing with some stacked paintings right behind him, i believe it should also be a social setting so maybe two or three people observing the art in the background, well dressed with drinks in their hands. I think they should be background pieces though and it should seem as if Mercier isnt involved in the action at all, just standing as the only individual in the art facing forward.

He's a tall (6'7") 24 year old elf that weighs maybe 150 pounds. He has dark sunglasses on. Dark, not black but real close, hair thats cut short in a military style. He's got a custom tailored Black suit on and a crimson silk tie with a black shirt, in one hand, thats almost resting at his side, he has a brandy snifter thats almost empty and a long cigar, in the other hand an Ares Predator. kind of crossed across his chest in a sort of james bond style. the gun is smartlinked and has a custom laser sight and silencer. He should have a slight smirk on his face as well. On his right ear there should be commlink and on his left hand there should be large silver watch and a silver ring with a large red stone.

I don;t care how long it takes or if you decide to tackle the project at all, i just though i would pu it out there, thanks a lot if you do.

Alis Volat Propriis
How about a very old character of mine (in both senses of the word, we haven't played these characters for ages) an 85 year old human mystic adept. He has one eye, more scars than skin, buzzcut silver hair and is hideously over muscled, but still able to move athletically. The eye is just stitched shut, with a fairly impressive looking scar (even compared to the rest) over the socket. He looks fairly well preserved - 60 or 70, at most, and very vital - because he is. Not only has he undergone everything short of leonization, he's got a spirit pact (formula) that keeps him from aging any further. No visible ware (A lot under the surface), but he does have extravagant eyes - I've always just had them as looking like empty grey caverns with a small white ball floating a ways back serving as pupil. Tended to wear tinted glasses a bit down his nose, then push them up when he wanted "that new fangled Maude-Reality" or to hide his eyes. Uh. Off run, tends to wear cargo pants tucked into boots, a t-shirt with an armour vest over it, and simply LOVES reading "Modern Bride Magazine". Christ, he even did that on runs when he had to wait - folding chair and the latest copy, printed out from AR and bound into paper format, that he'd read with an unholy amount of glee and focus. Wore rope handwraps. Oh, that spirit mentioned earlier lives in a lion pendant around his neck - bound into it, but got out whenever he spent edge to cause trouble for a few days.
I'd totally dig a pic of my newest character. Here is more information than is probably necessary:

His name is Nahual, and he is an Aztec, Huehuecoyotl (Trickster) shaman.

Nahual is a 6 foot tall Aztec human. His long black hair is most often tied back with a black leather chord, tied around his forehead. His thin arms and chest are covered with tribal tattoos. His mode of dress is eccentric.

Nahual wears a custom-made, jaguar-print lined coat, usually over silk shirts, black jeans and snake skin boots. He always wears a gold necklace hung with a large chunk of obsidian (a sustaining focus), a woven armband printed with images of the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, and hung with raven talons (another sustaining focus), a gold chain hanging from the back of his hair chord with 5 different stones inset (his summoning focus), a gold ring set with a large piece of turquoise, carved with the image of the Aztec god Huehuecoyotl (his illusion fetish), an obsidian earring (his manipulation fetish), and a gold earring (his health fetish).

His facial features clearly denote him as Central American Native, with high cheekbones, large, dark eyes, and a wide, toothy smile. He wears a goatee, but no mustache. He carries himself with the smooth confidence of an urban predator, but his ready smile and a mischievous gleam in his eye speak of Coyote, rather than Wolf.
Okay, I'll throw one out there that's hard to get.

One of my players is a female hobgoblin mad scientist character in SR3. She designs new spells for the mages, builds bots for the riggers, builds pistols for our gun adept, and so on. But of course, it's REALLY hard to find female orc pictures, let alone hobgoblins, and finding one of a scientist is nearly impossible, so there you go. Definitely goggles and lab gear would be appropriate for the character, and it would be nice to have a somewhat interesting perspective (not just standing there).

Let me throw one out there then, after being directed here by this thread:

Jeffrey Justin Archer, otherwise known as Typhoid because he carries a particularly virulent strain of Bruckner-Langer type HMHVV that makes him express as a nosfertu, but is just as infectious to all other known human metavariants. Typhoid was formerly of nondestinct appearance, but the transformation into a nosferatu has rendered all of the typical facial features, which has resulted in a somewhat more memorable visage. Typhoid prefers to hide his medium build behind the latest in business fashion, almost always including a hat of some kind. he can typically be seen wearing a set of ultramodern glasses with accompanying earbuds for his computer interface needs. He carries no weapons, preferring to rely on his magic instead (a talent that he did not posess prior to infection), and if it comes down to it his teeth. In addition, Typhoid is incredibly confident in his magic, happily using it to ensure that he suffers no ill effect from sunlight.
Thanks for all the work guys smile.gif

Here is:

BlackB1rd's Shadowfox
That's pretty incredible dude, thanks alot.
I may have the rest of the group submit character descrips to me so we can do all of us.

But right now, our GM is requesting something for himself.

Caucasian Ork male company man for Saeder-Krupp
On duty, he'd wear loose fatigues, a contractor's ball cap, and carry an Ares Alpha assault rifle. He'd have an old Ares unit patch on the right arm of that, and the appearance would be somewhat beaten and worn. If for some reason he wasn't deniable (i.e., official company business) he'd wear an S-K logo on the ball cap
6'2, ork-like for weight (take your best guess) graying black hair and brown eyes, likely accessories are a set of tactical goggles (therm/NV) for his combat loadout the Alpha is silenced and has a smartlink system also, fingerless gloves for tactical with dragon inscription on the back.

Thanks again man. This is really awesome.

The Character's name is Ears.
QUOTE (Blackb1rd @ Nov 12 2009, 05:32 PM) *
That's pretty incredible dude, thanks alot.

Thanks man, glad you like it smile.gif

Also, here is :

Hagga's old adept
Brilliant! Ta.
Oi Squinky, good to see you back ^^
(no, i don't want anything drawn, i just wanted to say hi <.<)
Lok1 :)
Hey I saw your post on the main board, I was wondering if you could draw my Demolitions expert / decker / Conartist / master of disguise.
Loki is a short wirey man, human caucasian with jetting sharp features. He is clad loosly in a black trenchcoat that more than covers his small frame, unbuttoned in the front as to proudly show a black T-Shirt with neon green animation apon it, cyleing through several equaly witty and obscene slogons. His strikeing hair is jet black with a neon white stripe down the middle, its slicked forwards with a slight spike.
Noticable cyberwear: He has a dataJack winding down from his right ear into his coat and comeing out on his right sleave, no comlink need be shown as it is internal. He has cybereyes, wich shine slightly concealed though its barly noticable through dark sunglasses.
Background: An explosion in the background would be nice. An overlay of three or two diffrent faces above him, each radicaly diffrent, rangeing in metatype age and gender, they all have the same white stripe in their hair (even though the hair might be done differently). I'm not sure how that would look but its kind of a "Maser of Disguise" thing, looks cool in my head not sure if it would work on paper.
Items: If he has a homemade looking gernade in one hand, and possibly a Ares Predator in the other that would be nice but it isn't necessary.

Sorry if this is a bit complex, I hope it turns out allright but I'm sure you'll do your best.
Squinky do you still do inks?
Here is:

JaronK's HobGoblin Scientist
Thanks! It's always so rare to find decent female non humans (or elves).
A request:

Shivers the The Techno

Would you try for a Gangley, Geeky, scrawny techno (i use the words repetivly to describe somone with all 2's for physical stats.
Old Tshirt that says Rabid Chihuahuas (a goblin rock band).

Sitting on a bench playing or holding a harmonica.

a pamphlet on his leg. "Notes on Love" by Bubba TLT

I'd like The "Obelisk" in the background. I cant find the reference now, but it's a digital phonimina in Seattle a black obelisk alive with code.

Or if the sitting position do-sent work can have him standing behind something subtract the obelisk and ad a vague pic of a long haired woman in a business suit "Tanya"

Thanks for adding me to the Que.
Here is :

Navarre's Nahual


Orcus Blackweather's Mage


Starmage's Archer
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