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I never used to use minis in my combat i used to just scrawl across maps but since my mate has been using DND minis in his DND game i thought i might as well make an effort.

However Shadowrun minis dont exist anymore.

Is there a plan to rectify this and can anyone recomend a good alternative till we get official miniatures.

Ah, but they DO exist chum!

I've ordered several myself. Due to my painting being monopolized by other projects I haven't started them yet. They're a little smaller scale than I'd like them to be, but they're still good detailed minis. There's a good variety of them.

I don't think they're making any NEW ones right now beyond the ones already available though.
Caine Hazen
Iron Wind still does the older Shadowrun minis and they're available online and at fine FLGS. I'm partial to using all sorts of conversions and figure lines myself to represent stuff on a map when I need to... using a 1 inch to 2 meter scale. seems to work out for my guys until I have to place the sniper all the way across the room and up on a bookcase and then the figure gets lost wink.gif
Find a website that sells singles from the Star Wars Miniatures line. A large number of them work well for Shadowrun. Some D&D figs will also work. I like prepainted plastic minis because I am a poor painter, and they are easy to transport.

Another great source is the Hero Clix and Action Clix games, available from many of the same dealers. If the larger bases with numbers etc. bother you, it is very easy to rebase them to match the WOTC figures.

Useful links:This is also a good time to say again that I really, really, really, really want Shadowrun Action Clix.
I have lots of input here:

I'll dredge up some more here, I'm sure I have them buried in my bookmarks. Not a lot for metahumans, sadly but understandably.
Heroclix figures are great for Shadowrun.Commons/Rookies are often about $0.25 each. I just rebase them on 25mm Warhammer bases and repaint the brightly colored ones.They also are pretty much in scale with 1/34 to 1/38 vehicles you can pick up super cheap at Wal Mart.I use electrician numeric wire tags to number the bases to keep track whos who
Thansk for the links, i also did a search on the forum (should have done it before hand i know)

And it turned up Ground Zero Games and Foundry both have some nice things.

Now need the paint and skill to make them look good.
I second ground zero, they may have a smaller scale to everyone else but there minis are amazing.
Instead of maps I suggest playing on a large markerboard. It lets you quickly change things and adapt to whatever you need for the day.

The markerboard idea does speed things up quite abit.
Tact-Tiles are amazing but I think the company that makes them went under (please correct me if I'm wrong) so there hard to find.
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