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Full Version: Shifter attribute discrepencies?
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So in an old 3E game, one of the players made a bear-shifter, and had been dying to remake the character. No biggie, RC to the rescue!

But then I looked at the table for shifters, and noticed what appears to be a slight discrepancy. In any character with racial maximums at or above 6, there is always a 6 point spread from minimum to maximum. 1-6. 4-9. 5-10. Etc. And yet on the Jaguar/Leopard shifter, the Lion/Tiger shifter and the Bear shifter, their larger attributes seem to have swayed from this. 5 min with an 8 max on Agility? 7/13 on Strength? I'm a might confused.

Is this a mistype? It seems odd to only have a 3 point range on an attribute that starts above the human norm.
yeah, i was assuming that was supposed to be 3/8 personally.
EDIT: I was going 5/10 on those personally, And 7/12 on the bear stats, because it seemed more accurate. Cats should be more agile than strong, based on what I know of them. *shrug* I can see that ruling going either way though.
Ancient History
If I was bullshitting you, I'd say that critters are different from metahumans and they might have a different range of attribute values blah blah blah, but honestly I think this might just be a typo that went past editing, considering the attributes were changed a couple times. Bring it up on the errata thread.
LOL Thanks for skipping the BS Ancient. 'Preciate it. I'll pop it in the errata thread.
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