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Full Version: Street/Gang Level Campaign
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The Jake
I got the 20th anniversary DVD of Scarface, watched all the Godfathers and been playing GTA. I'm hooked on a street level/underworld campaign. Everyone wants to play Tony Montana on the up and up grinbig.gif

If I were to run it, I would use the priority system for character generation, drop all skills/attributes/cash packages back one and restrict availability heavily. Not sure how much I'd restrict nuyen and spell points but it would be a lot (no more than 90k I think).

Anyone else done this? And if so how? And how did it go? How high did you all get?

- J.
You can find complete rules and run ideas for low-level-campaigns right here:

Single problem: The text is in german (once again).
The Jake
I'm thinking a group of young kids, late teenagers, growing up together in a small neighborhood in Seattle (Barrens or something), forced to grow up in the roughest, toughest neighborhoods and band together for protection.

And from that they start working together to protect their families, get support from the local neighborhoods, get the attention of businesses and local gangs and start carving up a rep. Eventually get noticed by organised crime, etc.

It would largely ignore megacorps and conventional 'shadowrunning' I guess, although there would be overlap. It would focus more on survival, always having to look over their shoulder, etc.

? Any thoughts?

- J.
Large Mike

Limit their starting cash to 90k, limit their avalibility to 5 (or better yet, 4 or 3), and don't let any of them be initiated to start.
Ol' Scratch
I still stand by my original suggestion. Tell the players what's going on and tell them to use their own common sense. Then work with them as they go from concept to character sheet, and don't be afraid to say "no" if they do something you feel is inappropriate.
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