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Full Version: Houseruling - Improved Physical Attribute
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I like the idea of adepts with outstanding physical attributes as a result of their inherent magical ability, but the writing of the Improved Physical Attribute power justs seems needlessly restrictive. I accet that the cost is high compared to bioware and cyberware options, but I don't like the added drag of increased karma cost to raise the attribute later as well as the doubled Power Point costs to go into the augmented range.

What I'm considering for a houserule is simple - Improved Physical Attribute costs 1 Power Point per level (regardless of going past the natural maximum), each level adds an augmentation bonus to the attribute, and it can increase the attribute up to the racial augmented maximum. Karma cost to raise the attribute is based on the natural rating but the augmented rating increases as well, just as with other augmented attributes.

Does this seem reasonable?
To me, yeah. I mean, 1 PP per point is a lot, when you only have 4-6 points(usually) to spend. Right now it's more cost-effective for an Adept to spend a point of Essence/Magic to get Muscle Augmentation2/Muscle Toner 2(.8, leaving .2 points to play with, a lv.2 synthacardium, perhaps?). This gives +2 to both Agility and Strength, something it would cost four points to do. I know I'm not the only one who thinks that power is overcost. (The SR3 version I found better: half a point up to your natural max, 1 point past that.) I mean, even at a half point each it's still 2 Magic Points to get the same effect as bioware.

At least with your proposal, the regular attribute stays the same, and while it will still be a bit expensive, they can still raise them a bit higher later on for less karma.
Eryk the Red
That's the way I've always played. Natural ratings, not augmented, are used to determine karma cost. And I ignore the escalating PP cost basically because it's silly and unnecessary.
That seems a fine way to go. I've also always felt its a bit odd that a full-essence physad could technically be less powerful physically than the physad that dips into bioware.
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