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Full Version: Whats Your SR dream ride?
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My dream ride....? Ares Dragon Utility Helo Armed to the teeth, Mounted Assault cannon or maybe a Thunderstruck and a good old rocket launcher. Add some armor and signature masking. Go for the whole flying tank idea.
A Conestaga Vista with camo 10 armor, a hidden heavy auto-cannon, and luxury amenities.

Packs some real punch, a great, GREAT pad, and best of all? To everyone else, it looks like a "Not in Service" metro.
Nightsky Limo.

This assumes, of course, that I also have the money and Luxury lifestyle to go with it.
We had a rigger that had the super-fly street racer. It was a Mitsubishi "Something" with four wheel independent traction control, independent all-wheel electric drive (the motors were part of the wheels), energy feedback brakes, a standard fuel generator for sprints and battery recharging, the ability to lock up each wheel independently via rigger link, and a pimping body kit. It handled like a dream, didn't draw any more attention than your typical street racer, and generally saved our asses more than anything else that was bigger and more armored, but slower.

Besides, describing the car your character is in taking a 90-degree street corner at 60 mph and in complete control is just flippin' sweet...
Artemis Dawnglider with gecko pods, improved VTOL 2, Ruthenium Coating, Signature Masking 3, Pilot 6, Improved Sensor Array and a Rigger Coccoon, blueprinted engine with turbocharging, thermal masking, too. Also, why not have it break up into a suitcase?
-Cameras with vision mag, vision enhancement 3, thermo, low-light, recording etc.
-enanced microphone, and enhanced long range microphone
-Radar and ultrawideband radar
-Barometer and other meteorological tech.
-A sattelite link
-An air spirit for concealment, guard, movement, etc.
-Response and Signal at 6, with matching System and Firewall. Not to mention cutting edge glacial IC and a full suite of programs. In fact, while we're talking "dream vehicle", why not have an AI make the glider it's home node and it can boost my ratings even more, and it can make sure I stay off the grid as a favour in exchange for living in my ride.

I'd go cross-country with the damn thing.
Heath Robinson
A pair of Ferret RPDs modified to attach to my feet. Droneskates!
For our group it comes down to a neck and neck race between two. Contestant number 1 is "The Celestial Harmony Wagon" owned by our Hong Kong group's Street Sam who was big into the Chinese Zodiac, odd bits of Animism, Geomancy, and all sorts of other stuff like that. The CHW was a converted GMC bulldog. It had raised shocks, a pimpin' sound system that he played traditional Chinese music on full blast, it was painted black with a gold dragon going down one side for luck, and it had custom rims that flashed red Zodiac symbols when he was driving... Oh, and it had a hot-tub in the back.

Pretty cool ride... of course though it has competition. The Car-Battoir. The Car-Battoir (pronounced like Abattoir) was an old taxi from the days that taxi's still had people driving them. It had a super charged engine, armour plating, a machine gun hidden in the hood and, the peice de resistance was a slashing blade in the back which would sever the passengers legs at the knees, followed up by a quick blast from an underseat flamethrower to cauterize the stumps, before ejecting the poor SOB out of the sunroof...

Perhaps unsurprisingly both of these monstrosities were created by the same player.
1964.5 Ford Mustang convertable with VTOL capabilities, twin miniguns in the front fenders and a popup missle rack in trunk. This was from the same rigger who also had a Semi pimped to look like the Green Goblin and also fired meter wide Dikoted razor discs out of it's grinning mouth.

Thanks again for that Squinky.
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