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Full Version: Ally Spirit's Pools and Initiative
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What is an ally spirit's initiative? Also, what pools would an ally spirit have available to them? The ones that come to mind are combat, astral, and spell pools.

-- Dash --
OK: Noteing that Quickness will probably be equal to the spirit's initial force while Intelligence and Willpower will probably be equal to the creator's:
Reaction: (Quickness+Intelligence)/2 (round down)
Materialised Initiative: Reaction+10+1d6
Astral Initiative: Force+20+1d6
Combat Pool: (Quickness+Intelligence+Willpower)/2 (round down)
Astral Combat Pool: Force*1.5
Spell pool: Force
Karma pool: 1+Donated (as per MITS, p111)

The spell pool is a special case described under the sorcery power in MITS, P109. The others are based on what it says in the spirits and dragons chapter in the BBB, p266.

I think, however, that there is a good case for the Astral Combat pool and Astral Initiative to be calculated using the normal rules (the ones for characters) as the relevant stats for Ally spirits will be higher than those of normal spirits (Note that the rules for spirits assume Int, Cha, and Willpower all equal to the spirit's force which is probably not the case for allys).
If we take this to be a simplification which does not apply here then we get:
Astral Initiative: Intelligence+20+1d6
Astral Combat Pool: (Intelligence+Charisma+Willpower)/2 (round down)
I'd leave it to the GM to say which applies though.
Are their greater form ally spirits?
don't think there's such a thing. But you could dump LOTS of karma into your Ally and get close to the same the results...

[off topic]@Joker, I have that game. when does Ghost say that??[off topic/]
After the fight with trinity if im not mistaken.
Yeah, thats about the only spot I could have imagined it being. Cool.
Thanks Lilt. Figures that it was hidden accross the books. Silly me, I was looking under Ally spirits in MITS biggrin.gif

-- Dash --
You're welcome Dashifen.
QUOTE (Joker9125 @ Dec 22 2003, 08:48 PM)
Are their greater form ally spirits?
No, gimme a sec and I'll give you a page ref...
QUOTE (P75 @ MITS, End of 1st paragraph after Invoking)
...and some spirits (such as watchers, allies and ancestor spirits) have no great form.
except that as of T:AL, ancestor spirits do have great forms. i'm not sure if the aborigines are the only ones who know the technique for invoking them, or what.
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