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Full Version: SURGE + Biocompatability + Type O System
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I was wondering if combining Surge levels (Runner's Companion) with Biocompatibility and Type O System (Augmentation) would be worthwhile at character creation. What sorts of builds could optimally take advantage of this combo? It seems like starting money and availability restrictions would hinder fully exploiting this, but I'm completely new to 4th edition and have no practical chargen skills so I could be missing something. It could be nice for an Awakened character (Adepts?) to get more out of less essence loss, but the trade off in in build points/karma/whatever that could be gained with other Positive Qualities seems to balance out.

So any SURGE freaks with mega-bioware builds floating around? wink.gif
You could cram in some nifty stuff, but availability cuts out doing the really horrible stuff. Especially since you won't have the restricted gear quality available to do something like take synaptic boosters 3. Though as a side note, you could take 6 levels of the in debt negative quality to have I think an extra 30,000 starting off.
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