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Full Version: Place to rip off vehicles
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OK folks, I'm pretty sure most of you have heard of the new game for Current Gen Consoles, "Mercenaries 2"

Well, part of the "Collect the Stuff" in the game is for a mechanic you get, who will make you cool vehicles with which you wage your one-man war.

So far, I've only unlocked a few of them, and ALL look like they'd fit Shadowrun to a "T"! (Actually, the whole game does, right down to the drunk Russian jet pilot and the womanizing Irish helo pilot!).

The first one I unlocked was while I was waiting for a player to show up, and was showing the group the game ("Blow that up! Now blow that up! Oooooooooooooooo, blow that one up, it'll go up REAL GOOD!").

The "Panzercycle".

It does what it says on the box.
Just might have to pick that game up.
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