I've been toying with the idea of having a more flexible system for making a weapon foci as they are a flat cost instead of a more expensive cost depending on lethality and complexity of the weapon.

A weapon foci can only be built by a weapon that delivers its damage mainly from the user’s strength. Weapons using technological means to damage its target are far more complicated and more expensive due to the imbalance between technology and magic. Gloves, daggers, swords and knuckledusters are good examples of possible Foci. The larger the weapon or technologically complicated the more expensive it becomes.

Weapon Foci Cost
Weapon Foci: 2000,00 X Modifier (Minimum 1)
STR+AP+Reach= Modifier.
Fixed Damage= Modifier
1/ 2 AP= Fixed Damage

Example: Katana Str+2 / Ap-1 / Reach 1 Modifier: 4 X 2000 + Weapon Cost
Example: Shock Gloves 6S / AP (+6) / Reach 0 Modifier: 12 X 2000 + Weapon Cost

Hmm, would the effect of foci's stack?

If i have a six-wielding multi-ambidextrous armed with X6 Survival knife weapon foci's would my dicepool increase by +6?