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Full Version: Disguise Skill
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There's so little on this skill, undoubtedly because it new to 4th ed. What do people think about it's limitations and modifiers? How does it work regarding race? Ethnicity? Gender?

Can an oni-do ninja ever disguise himself as a human sarariman? With a latex mask? Nanoskin? Facial sculpting? (I mean, what about the horns?)

I'm thinking at least -3 for cross-gender/metatype disguises. Maybe -5 for metavariants, trolls and dwarfs (and then only if you're a human/elf/ork).
I'd say only as your metatype. Unless eligible for a [race] poser quality at a penalty, of -3 or so.

No rules on it though.
A dwarf trying to disguise oneself as a troll would require quite some social skills, too. If one is good at disguising, I would say it is possible to get results like the elf poser/orc poser type of things, along with a gender change as long as you got also some way to mask your voice. I wouldn't give any negative modifier, but the threshold raised. Of course one can spend hours and hours on perfecting a disguise. Hour/roll and a threshold of 16 for a elf male to pass as an female orc and you need a disguise "toolkit" or something.
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