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Full Version: Help w/ Technomancer
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I have never made a Technomancer before, any ideas would be helpful. I am new to everything having to do with Technomancers.

- must-buy CFs:Analyse for not being blind, Armor for survival, and Attack for self-defense. Stealth for not being seen.
- Exploit, Spoof, and Command are VERY nice to have
- like a mage does not need Banishing, you don´t need Decompiling or whatever it is called.
- don´t overvalue your living persona stats, your Stealth will be good, and your living node can only be attacked by other TMs
- get resonance 5 or 6, as it limits CF ratings (get the highest CF ratings you are allowed to?
- and buy as much as you are allowed to, too

- Support Operation services are almost too good to be in the game.
- Threading is great, calculate how many hits you can buy on the fading test. You can always thread what you are currently using.

-> Use threaded Stealth for hacking, Spoof for spoofing, and (Attack Program) for matrix combat.
-> A stable of registered sprites for Support Operation is a must. Don´t get that at chargen though, way to expensive!
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