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Full Version: Threading and Simplified CFs
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In Unwired, on page 39, there are a list of optional rules. Several of them interesting. Some with clear warnings about the impact.

One of the options is to treat a complex form "as though it were a spell, with no ratings ..."
That has some very nice advantages. (Some folks have commented that the drain is a killer. But as long as you keep the rating reasonable, and your GM is friendly about allowing called success for four dice, it is as good or better than base. )

What I am trying to understand is how this interacts with threading.
1) Can you still thread up CFs that you don't know?
1') Do those CFs have force based on the threading hits?
2) Can you still thread to increase the force of CFs you do know?

1) Why not? It doubles the drain, and you canĀ“t choose the rating, so there is reason to have the CF.

2) A clear yes (threading), or no (bought CF).

3) How could you profit from that? Ah, I see. My answer is no, you resist fading only once. Enough with the dicerolling already.
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