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I was in the local game store this morning, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a copy of DMZ. I guess what I want to know is, is it worth owning, and or playing? I've never actually come across a copy before, so I don't know anything about the game.
I've been considering getting a copy meself. Anyone with experience?

I would love to tell you all about it but in all the years I have owned this product I have never played it. Although I have glanced over it it has some maps that a former gm of mine used once or twice other than that no clue.

Now as to what comes in it:

A book with archetypes (although mine has several pages printed twice starts on page 17 goes to 24 then 9 to 40 then 25 to 32) so no clue as to how useful this is.

9 map sheets 5 punchout pieces

Then the main book that tells you how to play the game. Also gives info on the maps.
i've owned it for about 6 years, and maybe played it 5 times. in my opinion, its pretty fun as a stand alone game, since it has its own set of rules that don't really match those of shadowrun, and you can have a good time fielding a team of runners/thugs/cops/whatever against your friends' teams. but, for being a "board" game, it has some pretty complicated rules. pretty close to battletech, actually. I wouldn't use it as an in game supplement (it has rules for converting your characters) since its a lot more deadly than shadowrun tends to be.

hope i've helped smile.gif
I bought it when if first came out and have only played it two or three times. If you wanna make the game more complicated, slower, and a lot less fun, DMZ is the way to go. Maybe if I played it more and got used to the rules it would be more fun, but I doubt it. Save your nuyen.gif
IMHO, having played it and used it, it is worth owning, if nothing else for the maps to use for your regular game. Nothing like having a glossy to give players an idea of what the joint looks like.

...What, praytell, is DMZ? question.gif

Sorry for the newbie question...
Demilitarized Zone, IIRC. A board game for Shadowrun that none too many seem to know about.

I've seen it for cheap on eBay. At first I thought it was a sourcebook, but then I found out that it's a board game.
Actually, the name is Downtown Militarized Zone. Enough people know about it, and in my opinion it is worth the purchase (depending on the price, of course). I've played it a few times, and it was good fun after we got a grasp on the rules. smile.gif
OK, so I'm just thinking it's some military jargon. Suits me.

Anywho. What, exactly, is the point of the game?

Besides winning... sarcastic.gif
It's pretty much a combat-style board game set in the Shadowrun world.
Its a good buy i say if only for all the little cardboard pieces, useful for all those large combats that are hard to keep track of. The maps are also good. The rules for the actual game are a bit complicated, i wouldn't say as bad as the B-tech rules, but definately alot of rules for a board game. thats is all take care chummers but this mage is off to bed.
If its not as hard to do as battletech, it must be quite simple then. I always found battletech rediculously easy, hell we would do lance on lance on lance battles in 40 minute study halls in high school.
the only real problem with the game is that there's no real value system applied to the characters used. so there's no way to just say "okay, lets play a thirty point game". I'm sure someone could make one though, i'm just too lazy smile.gif
I saw a copy of it some time ago, and decided not to buy it, because it seemed like a bad contender for Shadowrun: Duels, which is, and has been for a while now, Wizkids' main focus in table top strategic Shadowrun combat.
Well, it has been around since forever, i mean, its what 2nd edition equivilent?
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