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Full Version: Area maps?
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I'm sure this topic has been covered, numerous times, but my search-fu is weak.

Are there any good online resources for maps of buildings or areas? I have more than enough city maps, but I'm not the greatest when it comes to drawing up location maps on my own. I have one or two already, but I'd rather not shoehorn each scenario I run for my players in the same layout; they'd catch on quick, and get bored with that fast.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think there was something like that unther the Community Project section
Can't claim credit (idea comes from other Dumshockers) but a Google image search turns up wonders smile.gifEdit:
And there is this Great thread with Method's custom floor plans overlaid on Google Maps surroundings.

It's "Maps and Floorplans!" by Wesley Street unther Community Projects
Maps and Floorplans!
Wow. I guess I'm completely oblivious. Thanks!
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