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Full Version: hmm, how to use this in a game...
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something tells me this could turn really dystopian, really fast if enforced...
Holy crap. And that map just covers the surface borders. If they already consider airports to be exempt because of the *border* exemption, it's not a big leap from there to their powers being valid within 100 miles of any international airport. Though that wouldn't move the line much, I suppose, because most of the States' international gateways are already near the coast, as far as I can think... Dallas? Denver? Are they international? Are there other international airports outside the coastal strip?

It's like the powers of the UK's British Transport Police. They have authority within a mile of any railway or depot associated with the railway. So that's almost all of the built up area of the UK, then, and while their powers are the equal of a "real" copper, the entry requirements and training standards are (or at least were, it's been a while since I looked) significantly lower.

There are, I guess, all sorts of Authorities in the supposedly "free" West which can potentially have draconian powers.
It won't be "really" enforced, just selectively enforced, which is both more realistic, and more dystopian.

Also note that the ACLU was only focusing on one amendment. It didn't apply things like instituted violations of freedom of speech or habeas corpus, nor (of course, this is the ACLU) 2nd amendment violations. I suspect most of that middle bit would be a good deal darker if it did.

On the flip side, some areas are far more "Constitution free" than others. DC and Chicago both don't seem especially eager to respect the bill of rights when it interferes with the political good (or "public safety").
Chicago's O'Hare airport is international if I'm not mistaken.

There are state branches of the ACLU that *WILL* stand up for 2nd Amendment rights.

On the note of civil liberties... why is it no one requires justification for exercising the 1st Amendment yet you face nothing but justification demands for exercising the 2nd Amendment? That right there is plenty to work from for a SR perspective. Selective right & privilege enforcement / encouragement / usage.
A full list of international airports in the US:

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