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Full Version: Shoot Through Walls
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So I was reading through arsenal and was wondering, what it would take to without LOS shoot a target?

My guess so far is Tac nets, designators, a big gun and a little input from the dumpshock community.

what do you folks think? How would you do it?
Intuition + Weapon Skill +/- Modifiers - 6 (Blind Fire).

Subject receives the Barrier Armor to their Damage Resistance Test.

You can only do this if you know your targets location, but cannot actually see them. If you have no idea where they are to begin with, you cannot hit them.
I'm not sure what your question is. The rules on pg 162 of Arsenal seem fairly clear and comprehensive to me. For firing through walls, you can also use the radar sensor headware from Augmentation.
I guess my question is can it be done with a firearm. The rules in arsenal only cover info guided and seeking weapons.

So if a target is painted shouldn't it show the designated target in your imagelink? Also allowing you to fire at it through walls regardless of your weapon (but he weapon may not penetrate the wall).
Refer to the rules in the BBB about firing through structures.
AP is what determines if the weapon can get through but if the target is designated do you still get the -6 for blind fire?
Also, watch the endgame fight scene in "Blade Runner", and read the passage in "Neuromancer" (or is it "Johnny Mnemonic"?) in which Molly describes an old ninja guy shooting rats through the floor.

If you want a more restrictive and slower houserule: roll *both* a INT-plus-skill test and an AGL-plus-skill test, and take the lower of the two. The first to see if you figured out where to shoot the wall, and the latter to get your point of aim where you want it (with the right timing, if target is moving).

Suppressive fire through a wall might be the better tactic in some situations. Not sure where your target is? Fire bullets at all possible target locations!

If you're getting data from, say, a building's security system, then AR should be able to give you an ARO aimpoint, assuming it can build a good 3D virtual model of the relative locations of shooter and target.
You are asking for the Indirect Fire Rules found at 162 Arsenal
QUOTE (Neraph @ Nov 14 2008, 08:28 AM) *
Refer to the rules in the BBB about firing through structures.

Pardon my greenhorn question: ...The what?
BBB = Big Black Book (or Big Blue Book, I forget), and obscure reference with a lot of history that basically means: SR4 core rulebook
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