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Full Version: [Duels] Lothan the Wise
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I got Lothan for Christmas and I was wondering how these guys are doing? Are they popular, selling well, valuable etc... anyone know?
I like 'em myself. Lothan the Wise and Kellan Colt are the only two I'm missing right now, and I'm waiting for the second series to come out...
Now I need to find the time to play more.
Oh, and Lothan the Wise is vastly overvalued. He should be a three-pointer with G-Dogg and Liada, not a four-pointer. If his magic range was the same as Liada's, he'd be a five- or six-pointer easy, but it isn't.

They're selling well around here. So well that I'm going to have to buy the ones I want online instead of supporting my local gaming store frown.gif

My friend has Lothan, and if you put magic on him properly he can be quite menacing. Considering we play FFA instead of teams, though, I can't judge Lothan's point-value accuracy.
A friend and I have thus far found Liada and G-Dogg to be by far the best characters. Lothan certainly couldn't beat both Kyushi and The Street Deacon, while Liada and G-Dogg could I think easily take on Lothan plus Kyushi or The Deacon. Kyushi and Lothan would have a chance, though, due to Kyushi's range comparable to Liada's.
Note that everything here is with base gear. If you swap around gear between characters a bit, your mileage may vary, but I'm inclined to think that even with a variety of gear as long as everyone gets what they want the power differences will remain what they are now.

How well does Kellan Colt compare to the rest of the figures?
No idea, I haven't had the opportunity to use her in a game. I'll have to obtain one at some point. What're her stats and gear?

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