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Okay a question for those that it might of ever come up for. How do you do combat in "Miracle Shooter™"? Or how would you do it? Would you use the normal weapons skill group, dodge, perception or do you use a derived stat from the comlink? Like Response + System?

Mainly curious because this has kinda come up in the game I play in. And is a major focus to one of my fellow players who has a Severe Miracle Shooter™ Addiction.
I'd be tempted to use an abstract opposed test using the character's Matrix Games (or something similar) Knowledge skill.
Rotbart van Dainig
I would resolve it as normal combat.
I thought about that, and while that is probably closer to canon, I really like to bring in Knowledge skills whenever I can, especially in fluff situations.
Well, it's an AR game, ne?
I think the physical part of the game should be run like combat but instead of using normal skills to deck out your equipment it is all based on the knowledge skills to know how the "Game Mechanics" equal out to that next Uber-gun. Maybe you can get bonuses to your gameplay by making KNowledge checks?
I would run it like normal combat but with the appropriate Knowledge Skill being either a suplamental skill (roll it, each hit gives you an extra dice) or just flat out add it to the players pool.
I think it is supposed to be the 2070 vision of paintball so I'd use the same rules as normal combat, but since it is supposed to be a game I figure that the software makes things easier then in "real life", so I run very, very light on the penalities and add a bunch of extra dice as an AR Bonus since the game wants a bunch of pimple-faced corp brats to feel like bigshots. (There are two ways to increase this bonus, one is to pay the corp for an account upgrade and the second is to "level" your toon with kills.)
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