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Full Version: Using the weapon on a possessed drone
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I am thinking of trying to make a Free Spirit of a possession tradition, so was wanting to know...

If I were to succeed in possessing a drone, would I be able to fire its weapons?

If I were able to fire its weapons, what skill would I use, Gunnery, or the Weapon Skill (ie firearms group, SMG, what ever it was mounted with)?

I figured it would be possible, and I would use Gunnery + Agility, but just seeking opinions.

Dunedin, NZ
i would say you can fire it's weapons, but it would require the gunnery skill (meaning no existing summoned spirit could use it particularly well, since none can have vehicle skills, so they would all be defaulting).

the exception would be for an anthroform humanoid drone that was firing a weapon using mechanical arms and hands. they would use the normal weapon skill, and a guardian spirit could have the appropriate skill to use the weapon.

of course, for a free spirit, i'm pretty sure you could go ahead and pick up the gunnery skill if you want, being as how they aren't limited to the normal spirit skills and powers wink.gif
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