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Full Version: Armed Martial Arts + CC Rules
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This was spawned from the Tahtiyb - Egiptian martial arts style thread:

What do people think of the concept of adding armed martial arts using the maneuvers system from the CC rules?

I was wondering what armed martial arts people know of or possibly have recieved traiuning in, ideally leading to some sets of martial arts and maneuvers that could be included in people's games if they see fit.

Some example martial arts I was thinking of are Iajitsu, the european Sword+Shield arts, the european Sword+Dagger/Buckler duelling techniques ETC. Maybe even Gun-Fu if someone particularily wants to.

The sort of new maneuvers you could apply would be things like Dual Wielding (skill also counts as equivalent offhand skill or something) whilst allowing appropriate maneuvers from the martial arts described in the CC.

If possible it'd be nice for this topic to be about Armed Martial Arts using the system in the CC, rather than a general discussion of martial arts or dismissal of the CC rules in general.
Hmmm...I must concur that it would be a good idea, in my opinion.
IRL, all training done with weapons includes learning Maneuvers. I don't see why unarmed Martial Arts should be unique in this aspect in Shadowrun.
Austere Emancipator apparently has made many melee combat styles for his Forgotten Realms conversion.
Check the Medieval Fantasy Shadowrun thread. He hasn't posted anything detailed, but I would be interested in seeing them posted or at least to comment on what he did.
Austere Emancipator
Very well. I'll post the non-canon styles I've done so far on the MFS thread.

They are very much under construction still.
Austere Emancipator
With my rules, a skill being used for wielding both the weapon and the shield would be a bit too powerful -- effectively half-priced fighting skills. That's why I keep them separate. Although the idea of Sword+Buckler or Sword+Dagger fighting styles is intriguing, they might be too powerful compared to the others.

Paladin of Torm, Loyal Fury + Ever Watchful, longsword and shield, Evasion maneuver: +1 die to defending with the sword, +1 die to the full skill with the shield, +2 dice from medium/large shield, -1 TN to Dodge test. Assuming skill ratings 6, CP 8, that's 7 dice vs 4, 17 dice vs 3. Ehhm. Luckily, the same guy is pretty much screwed when an orc jumps on him with 2 axes.
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