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Full Version: Satyr parkour adept and thief
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I also design characters for fun and decided to try this concept of a satyr parkour and savateur adept.

He's main line of work is that of a burglar but I can see he moving through roof tops while shadowing someone (he has some nice software for surveillance jobs). And though he disdains physical violance (an infiltrator shouldn't have to use it) he is quite capable of defending himself and kicks like a heavy pistol.

The fun part is that I inadvertently gave him an armor combination (FFB Armor + PPP System with an overcoat on top) that looks like a Gambit costume! That makes me think of how much of my subconscious mind is impregnate with comic books ideas...

Character Profile
[ Spoiler ]

Character Stats
[ Spoiler ]

I used THIS and THIS spreadsheets to buil the character and would like to say thanks to the authors!

EDIT: Changed Adept Powers selection, added Throwing Weapons and grenades.
Nice build, I can tell you had fun making him. I like the nod to one of the original "gentlemen thieves" for one of his fake names.

For a satyr, I would probably scrounge a Magic point somehow to give him Traceless Walk, mainly because it's a bigger advantage for someone with hooves to be able to walk without making a sound.

His biggest weakness is the lack of ranged skills. Even a pacifist could take throwing and toss flash-bangs or smoke grenades, or take pistols and shoot gel rounds or stick-n-shock.
Traceless Walk would be nice if it were 0.5 points. Than I could get rid of killing hands and get it. Maybe I can sacrifice one level of Improved Reflexes for that...

And I really like the smoke grenade idea.

Digital Heroin
Wall running is a Parkour Adept's best friend... sacrificing two levels of Freefall (risk makes the rush more real) and Killing Hands would buy it for you. Otherwise, it looks like a hell of a build, and other Adept powers can always come with time and Initiation.
Killing hands seems out of place on a pacifist anyway.
Dead sexy!

Killing hands seems out of place on a pacifist anyway.

Actually, the Killing Hands were for the piercing Natural Weapons Immunity ability, but I think you are right about it.

I dropped one level of Improved Reflex, one level of Freefall, one level of Agility Boost and Killing Hands and got Traceless Walk and Wall Running. Less kicking and more infiltrating. And added the Throwing Weapons skill and some flash-bang and smoke grenades to cover the retreat if things go wrong.

Thanks for the feedback you all!
I really like the idea. It does look like you had a lot of fun making him, and I like the concept of the guy.

I did think the Killing Hands seemed a BIT off for a pacifist, at first...BUT, it's used for more than fighting people; it's also useful for fighting things with Immunity to Normal Weapons, which even a pacifist might have to fight now and then(and the first level of pacifist, if I recall, just means that they won't kill unless it's absolutely necessary; and I think fighting very mean Immune to Normal Weapon Spirits(which just get disrupted anyhow, as far as I know) might count as ''necessary'', so I think it could make sense in that light. smile.gif

I agree on the Traceless Walk; would be cool if he could pull it off.

EDIT: Posted at the same time. grinbig.gif
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