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Any chance of that coming our way sometime soon, Adam?
QUOTE (Ancient History)
No, that's another one. There were three rooms. I wonder what's behind the one in S-K HQ?

His Jewel of Memory?
A bit belatedly...
Obviously, there's no canon backing it up, but it seems like 5B might be referring to the fifth basement level down as opposed to counting up from anywhere. Probably still much the same as what AH said for five up, given that it's one floor of difference, but hey.

Not sure what's in the SK room (i always thought a dragon egg) but im sure one of the eastern greats might get a bit upset if someone found out. being that they get an arrow of red dragon slaying.
Well, if the person receiving the arrow is skilled at archery, the Easterns won't have a say in the matter nyahnyah.gif

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