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Full Version: Mafia Security
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Clay Pigeon
I was combing through Mob War, and I am intrigued by some logistics. I realize it's an old book, but just in case you haven't run it or played through it yet, I'll hide the spoilers.

I am curious as to the details of Don O'Malley's assassination. It sounds like the assassin had way too easy a time pulling off the job. Follow the guy around, find a hidey-hole, and shoot him. What sort of security would such a powerful individual have? If your runners had to pull a similar job, what obstacles would they face?


It was an inside job ordered by the 'Butcher' Bigio.
isn't that basically how most assassins work?
wait for an opportunity to do their thing? O.o
Not really that hard to do, really, everyone is exposed at some point. He was sniped, right? With the right sniper, equipment, and intel, it can be done. I don't know what kind of equipment/modifications the Don had, but a standard human, even with some mods, can probably be killed. Even the mafia can't possibly afford every defense out there.
especially seeing as the Mob is a criminal organization, they can't have as much overt security as say, a president.

the Sons of the Neon Chrysanthemum in Japan OTOH, do not have this problem.
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