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Full Version: Alternatives to the Pass system
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In theory that is what is happening, but in RAW terms it means that in the caddy corner case where a person with 1 IP goes first charges across the room and kills runner C but is cut down in the 2nd IP in the middle of the room. Movement rules during combat were a little bit of an oversight that probably should have been corrected in SR4A. Generall they make sense, but this one issue still bothers me.

One advantage is that it keeps low IP players engeged in combat since they still do something (move) during the entire combat turn. It also allows everyone to run, sprint or walk in the different IP's. Also they reduced the movement rate to where the person is not an olympic class athelete.
I prefer to minimize rule changes, but will eagerly change/tweak them if they make things more realistic. Thus, my vote is for “Your guns suffer from a bad case of Physics”. An electromechanical device designed to function at max effectiveness/speed should be impervious to any enhancements of the user/operator.

Also, I assume the statement “To balance magic, similarly only one spell may be cast per phase.”, should be per Turn, correct?
Dude, no, just no . .
If you nerf mundanes because of realism, magic needs unrealistic nerfs . . else it's just unfair . .
I dunno Warlordtheft. He can only charge across the room if that's the appropriate *fraction* of his Turn movement. He does not get to use his full Turn movement on IP-1. If he needs to move further before attacking, yes, it has to be a later IP. :/
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Mar 29 2012, 08:22 PM) *
Dude, no, just no . .
If you nerf mundanes because of realism, magic needs unrealistic nerfs . . else it's just unfair . .

I was planing on using the "Gun Physics*" model in my upcoming game and to make sure mages don't dominate I was planing on have casters be able to cast up to their magic in force of spells per turn before moving into physical drain (if it looks like they might start spamming lots of low force easily resisted spells I'll throw in a stacking +1 drain or -1 soak per spell) but I haven't played a lot of 4th** yet (just 2 missions games at Origins a few years ago) anyone with more experience with 4th have any thoughts on this?

* My goal is to encourage Vat-jobs and Adepts to use Melee and multiple light weapons and let Mercs and heaves focus on shotguns and rifles

** I have played a metric F-ton of 1st and 2ed ed and ran a handful of 3ed games
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