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Full Version: Running a PbP session. Any tools?
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Hey all.

I'm going to be running a play by post game, and there's a few things I'm interested in doing. First off, I'm going to update character stats on a wiki for ease of access by the players, but if there are any .pdf character sheets with alterable input fields, that'd be helpful.

The thing I want most of all, though, is an alterable map. I've been playing a PbP D&D game on a forum, and our GM has a fantastic map background he can use and alter in Photoshop to keep us all updated on locations during combat, it's pretty useful. I'd just use his, but of course all the textures are stone buildings, wooden tables, generic high fantasy. Anything like that out there for the cyberpunk aficionado?

I've already got a dice roller that's going to save my d6s a lot of wear.

Anything else out there any of you can offer for advice or technology to a first time e-GM?
In terms of character sheets, I use a Drupal installation. When setting up user profiles on this system you can add as many fields as you want in different category groups as you want, so I added attributes, skills, etc. at direct elements of the user profile.
We then also use the site to host maps, notes and other bits that feed into the campaign and helps cut down on OOC in the email list.
I've got two character sheets linked from my site,, that you can edit as electronic forms. They were made by a poster, MintCar, shortly after SR4 was released. Just download the "Electronic Forms" for mundane and awakened characters and they might be what you need.

It works wonders, lets the GM start a campaign page, can store characters, has a digital dice roller with results set to a page, etc.
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