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Full Version: Transparent or not?
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It says in the SR4 book (and I don't have a copy of SR1-3 anymore unfortunately) that physical, non-living objects only cast shadows onto the astral plane. Which is fine if you're trying to walk through walls. But I was wondering: is glass transparent on the astral plane or opaque?

Thanks in advance.
opaque as street magic states
SR3 says it's transparent. I houserule it to be opaque, however (since astral perception is a psychic sense, not a physical one, the physical transparency of glass should be irrelevant).

I had a similar question though. In SR3, it mentions non-transparent cover inhibits spell casting, but mentions nothing in regards to detecting things with astral perception. Does fog convey a penalty to astral perception? Does it use the highest penalty, or a lesser one?
Well I'd searched for glass in Street magic but didn't find any astral references and thought perhaps one of the novels I haven't read touched upon it. But thanks to Angier I took an additional look at Street Magic and found:

"Items that are transparent or mirrored in the real world (like a car window) simply impair visibility as astral shadows."
Page #114 Street Magic

Now nezumi has me wondering about his question. How does Fog appear on the Astral Plane?
Fog and smoke obscure astral vision...
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