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Ok, so more and more of us are using google maps as a gaming aid. Here are some cool sites I've found and thought I'd share. I invite you to share any finds of your own. In case you didn't spot it you can get a link to an exact view in google maps by hitting the link button just above the upper left corner of the map.

Vanuatu - A chain of Volcanic islands

Marcus Hook Refinery - A cool looking refinery.;t=h&z=15 - with adjacent construction zone, park, residential and commercial zones

Simon Fraser University - 92.57% chance any given futurist concrete building from the X-Files is on this campus

Polyhydral Buildings - Could pass for Settle. Actually Hampshire College

Crystal Cathedral - Cool looking campus.

Asploded Detroit - Fined your RoboCop set here

Juarez/El Paso Mining operation - There are sever individual sites. Crop the image with the zoom tool.

Glass building Water Lilly conservatory in San Fransisco.

Tebetian Neighborhood - This section looks different from most aerial shots of dense urban area's.

Dimona, Israel (better pic)- Cool looking small town. Features grave yard, industrial park, nuclear facility ... man I want to do a module here

Prauge yeah it's just that cool, or I'm that much of a fan boy

Cool looking chunk of Tokyo

Tokyo facility R&D, Industrial, and weird looking buildings + docks.

Down Town San Francisco - Nice large scale landscaping.

German Facility 10 miles north of Munich. And no, not that facility.

Note: more entries to follow. I just want to get these posted before anything happens to the post
Need a strategic objective small enough for your runners to secure? Try the Johnston Atoll airstrip.

For that run into the barrens perhaps a close up of Fallujah will help.

And what list of possible Shadowrun targets would be complete without Area 51?
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