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Full Version: Dart gun
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I just saw someone get shot in the neck with a dart gun on TV, and I thought "I need that for my Shadowrun character !". I immediately opened up my books and tried to find stats for dartguns and their ammunition type, but I found only reference in the armor section of Arsenal and a few tidbits in the BBB, but no stats for the dartgun itself. I'm not talking about blowguns either.

Now I can't believe nobody on DS ever used a dartgun in his campaign. What stats did you use ? Did I fail my search-fu and there are dartgun stats somewhere in the manuals ?
I used Capsule Rounds with DMSO + Neurostun. Why use a dart gun when Capsule Rounds work just as well? Maybe look for Narcojet?
man and machine page 116 might be something for you then.
if it's for SR4? try and port it over with your GM of choice
Oops, forgot to tag it with SR4

Capsule rounds are no good for injection vector !
Blowgun, Pg40, Arsenal.

I can't find the ranges chart for it. I'd just use light pistol stats.
A blowgun is no dartgun !
Prime Mover
DMSO allows you to use injection vector with capsule rounds.

But I am on your side I miss stats for the narcoject weapons as well.
Why not just use the stats from the taser dart, but replace the damage mod text with "as per chemical".
i propose that you buy yourself a pistol crossbow, erase the words "pistol crossbow" and write in "narcoject pistol". and then only use injection bolts.

[edit] oh, and actually... capsule rounds with DMSO and your injection vector drug of choice works fine. making anything into a contact vector drug is what DMSO does. [/edit]
Agreeing with Jaid here... Damn i wanted to write that.

Typical Dart Gun would be a plain Pistol Crossbow, no houserules needed.

But Question: Where can i find the rules for DMSO?
DMSO is in Arsenal, page 82 I believe.
Why not just use the rules from the implanted dart guns from Augmentation with a price reduction to represent it being a stand alone system and not part of a cyberlimb?

Edit - Although checking Augmentation I can't seem to find what ranges they use... Which is rather annoying. I suppose they'd just go on the same ranges as the Pistol Crossbow.
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