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Full Version: Tac soft + Control rig
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The question is how many sensor channels does a control rig count for? also what cyberware would a control rig make redundant?
Erm I don't think it adds any sensor channels for a tacnet or makes anything else redundant. It just adds bonus dice to your vehicle skill tests when you're jumped into the vehicle.
Agreed. Now, you can include the feeds from your drones in the tacnet, if I remember correctly, but having a Control Rig doesn't alter that in anyway.
As I recall each drone adds 1 to the Tac Net.
Drones count as one member with a number of channels equal to their sensor rating, limiting the tacnet rating to 1/2 Sensor (round down).
I'm sorry, I must've missed that rule. Is it in a FAQ I've not read, an errata I've not seen, or hidden somewhere in Unwired?

It came up in my game the other day, after I introduced Unwired into my campaign (I needed time to read it reasonably thoroughly), and I wasn't entirely sure how to include them.
Hidden in Unwired: Tactical AR Software->Sensor Channels->Sensor Systems
Thanks Ryu.

When I get home I'll scope it out.
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