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Full Version: Proxy Server question
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Prime Mover
Ok so this past week I've been working on some npc's using unwired trying to get more familiar with the book. So far so good, a few minor hiccups so far easily fixed.

One thing that I'm not clear on though is Proxy server use. Under Anonymization pg. 93 it say's trace attempts will lead to the Anonymous server. It references proxy servers, which again references another page pg 104. On 104 it states that proxy servers increase trace thresholds by 4 and hackers response by 1 for each proxy server used. So both of these effects are used with an Anonymization service?

Edit: Guessing yes just wondering why the info is in 3 different places?
An Anonymisation service is used to send messages or other things handled by data requests. If you look at the data inside, you only learn the AccessID of the proxy node.

If you route a subscription (full AR/VR connection) through a proxy, you are at -1 response (slowed connection), and the trace threshold is at +4 (time Trace needs to bypass the proxy).

I assume the Anonymisation proxy service is full scale, and the anonymised commcode is for calls/messages only.
Second Ryu's answer.
I´ve been doing a bit of reading on data requests very recently, I hope I´ve got it now. You coming to the same conclusions is a good sign. smile.gif
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