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Austere Emancipator: In the maximum ROF thread, you talk about a system you designed to cap recoil at certain levels. Is this variable on the weapon class/caliber being fired, stance/posture, range/conditions, or a flat capping?

Anyone else: Do you have rules concerning recoil in your games or do you just stack on the modifiers for someone with an HVAR or Supermach fetish?

I'd really like to modify the recoil rules to put some sort of cap on them, at least for fully automatic weapons. Having recently fired an M249 SAW (not bad, not bad at all biggrin.gif), the recoil will throw your aim off, for sure, but the difference between fifteen and thirty rounds is almost non-existent, as you adjust your aim to compensate. Granted, there isn't much reason for aimed, one hundred round bursts, but should my characters (or NPCs) decide to do such a thing, I'd like to limit it in a fashion somewhat consistent with reality. I'd also like to not work out any math, so that's why I'm asking here first.

Post away! And thanks in advance!
The current rules may not be very true to real life. But I'm willing to stick with the rules as written so my players can more easily move between different GMs without getting confused.
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Diesel)
Is this variable on the weapon class/caliber being fired, stance/posture, range/conditions, or a flat capping?

It's variable based on the Recoil Modifier value of the weapon, which is usually 1 (sometimes 2) for full-auto capable weapons. I haven't got flat recoil modifiers by weapon type, each weapon has it's own recoil mod. SMGs, ARs, LMGs and MMGs generally have a recoil mod of 1, which limits the total recoil to 7 at Short and Medium ranges, 10 at Long and Extreme. Battle rifles, HMGs and auto-capable shotguns generally have a recoil mod of 2, which limits the total recoil to 10 at Short and Medium, 13 at Long and Extreme.

I realize that a total recoil value of 7 is a bit low in a game where getting Recoil Compensation of 7 or more is relatively easy. This is not a problem in my games, where the only "Gas Vent" you can purchase for a ready weapon or modify it with is a muzzle brake, which provides 1 RC (and a sound suppressor usually provides the same), and there are no such things as Shock Pads or Underbarrel Weights or any other crap like that. No AR has RC higher than 4, and most MGs don't have RC over 6 even on a tripod.
The Grifter
I'm not even gonna get in on this one...*LOL*
Austere Emancipator
Yeah, if the only problem you have with a suggestion is that you don't personally want to change the rules in your game, then it's generally better not to comment.
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