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Full Version: question on Area of effect
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Ok...I was recently browsing my 4th e cannon book and looking at spells. The spell i am referencing for this thread are the Detect life (active area) and the detect life, extended (active, extended area)

Now the DV for the extended spell is f /2 +2 vs f/2 for the non extended version.

My question concerns the extended area part as i cannot find any references to what extended areas are and how they effect spells anywhere. Not the back of the book, not the description of the spell, Not even in either description of what area of effect is.

My question then is what EXACTLY does a extended area spell do? Could someone please explain this and provide a reference of sort if at all possible? Much thanks in advance guys.
Dakka Dakka
QUOTE ('SR4 p. 198')
Range: The standard sensory range for a Detection spell is the caster’s Force x Magic in meters. For extended range Detection spells, the effective range of the new sense is Force x Magic x 10 meters. Note that any of the standard range spells listed below may be learned with an extended range instead (adding +2 DV).
thank you!
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