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From a purely flavour point of view, (ie I'm not intending it to be used to give my character a bonus just give him equipment that I think his personality would use day to day) could Wall Space ARE be used like gadgets/widgets/Google Desktop is used today? So my character's favourite team's score would be displayed, the weather report, latest news (ala RSS), stock market info, latest deals on archtype specific equipment (in his case cars, car assessories, and servalance equipment).
Kanada Ten
And more.
yes could also be use to show flat-vid on the walls and such. I use it like that plus you get a windo to anythign ect ect
The services you've described are pretty much the definition of common matrix usage. Using an ARE suite to paint it on your apartment walls is slick, and very period.
the SR version of the magical family clock wink.gif

and also the ultimate big screen tv, or wall of monitors, if needed.

nothing like having a intruder alarm go off and have the wall turn into the surveilance camera station wink.gif
So as long as you can grab the information from another source you could technically pipe it into Wall Space for your players convenience.
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